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Live a Healthier Life: Eat Better, Stay Active and Reduce Stress

Get on the track to a healthier you with this helpful health and fitness guide from Your AAA.

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Eat right. Exercise often. Get eight hours of sleep and try not to stress out.

These words are so easy to write, yet so difficult to do.

With our chaotic lives and busy schedules, we all need a fast food cheeseburger and a night off from the gym every once in a while.

But what we also need is a plan. A plan to eat better. A plan to burn calories when we can. A plan to get enough sleep that our work and personal lives don’t suffer.

In order to get on the road to a healthier you, you need to set goals and have discipline. You also need a push in the right direction, and that’s exactly what you will get with this free health and fitness guide from Your AAA, “Live a Healthier Life: Eat Better, Stay Active and Reduce Stress.” Keep reading to learn about all the exciting content inside this free PDF made available to Your AAA subscribers.

The best exercise trails in the Northeast

Nobody likes to be lectured to. That is NOT what you are going to get with this free Your AAA health and fitness guide. What you will get is a ton of exciting content related to healthy eating and exercise, including the best trails for running, walking and biking in the Northeast.

Our travel experts will give show you some of the most beautiful exercise trails in New York, New Jersey and New England, and give you the length and other popular activities to do there.

This free guide will also answer questions you have fitness trackers, staying active in the winter and so much more.

In fact, this free health and fitness guide is designed to help you …

  • Choose better healthier foods at the grocery store
  • Decide when to swap foods high in fat and salt for ones that are not
  • Plan healthier meals and learn how to cook vegetables in tasty ways
  • Relax on a long, overdue vacation (and give you reasons why you need to take one!)
  • Discover simple tricks for getting a better night’s sleep
  • Enjoy working out with games and activities you will actually enjoy

These tips will help you get on your way to becoming a healthier, more active you. It will also give you helpful insight into how to make a healthy habit stick, taking care of your vision and more.

Of course, this guide is not just for health and fitness newbies. It is loaded with in-depth articles about the best fitness trackers on the market, healthy alternatives to refined cooking oils and summer skin care.

Why your health matters to us

Since 1902, AAA has been providing travel and road safety information to American drivers. Our members are our lifeblood, and without them, we wouldn’t exist. That is why your health and safety matters to us on the road or at home.

We’ve curated a vast amount of health and fitness knowledge into this book made available to Your AAA subscribers. It has informative and helpful information, but also fun content like fast foods with the least amount of calories and the best Northeast nature trails.

What else can you expect to read about in this free guide from Your AAA? You get all this:

• 17 reasons why you need a vacation
• 8 simple tips for a better night’s sleep
• How to make a healthy habit stick
• Tasty ways to prepare vegetables
• A guide to tipping on cruises
• Healthy alternatives to vegetable oil
• Making better choices at the grocery store
• How to take care of your vision

This guide includes hundreds of tips to help you obtain a healthier lifestyle. It even has ways you can sleep better, track your fitness progress and keep your vision going strong.

Remember, you can download this free Your AAA health and fitness guide immediately, read it at your leisure, and even use it online to watch videos and follow links to more useful information. You never know when bad weather might keep you inside one day, and this book will help you find workouts you can do in your living room. There is no slowing down unless you want to!

Another helpful article in this free guide is about six tips to help you remember when to take your medications. If you have trouble with this, or someone in your family does, this article can be very beneficial. Download and share it with them today!

Discover all this and more in this free Your AAA health and fitness guide, Live a Healthier Life: Eat Better, Stay Active and Reduce Stress, created by AAA members for AAA members, who understand a busy lifestyle doesn’t have to slow you down if you make a few healthy decisions here and there.

We hope you’ll download the guide right now. It’s never the wrong time to pick up a new healthy habit. As you will read in the guide, there are so many tips to help you eat better, exercise more and reduce your stress levels. Speaking of, when you’re ready to take that vacation, make sure you reach out to the expert travel counselors at AAA. They are standing by, ready to help you save money on every aspect of your trip, including hotels, flights, rental cars and so much more.

Yours for stress-free, enjoyable adventures,

The Editors of Your AAA

P.S.: After you download and read this free guide, be sure to visit the health and fitness section on You will find even more health and wellness tips, seasonal exercise recommendations and so much more. You can always count on Your AAA to take care of AAA members! Best of luck, and may you find everything you are looking for on your fitness journey.


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