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Nail Your Next Ocean Cruise: The Definitive Guide to Planning and Enjoying a Vacation at Sea

Get the best rates on a cruise and have the experience of a lifetime with this incredible free guide from Your AAA.

Dear Traveler,

It is said that an ocean breeze puts a mind at ease, and with so many luxury amenities at seas these days, it’s hard to argue that statement.

Ocean cruise lines have turned their gigantic vessels into floating cities, where everything you could ever want is at your fingertips. There are even things you never knew you wanted but will certainly enjoy, like robotic bartenders and skydiving simulators!

That said, with so many options on the market today, it can be harder than ever to pick just one ocean cruise. Many of us work all year – or several years – to afford an ocean getaway, so, of course, we want to pick the right one that will produce a lifetime of memories.

With this free guide, Nail Your Next Ocean Cruise: The Definitive Guide to Planning and Enjoying a Vacation at Sea, you will learn the ins and outs of ocean cruising from the travel experts at Your AAA. You can learn how to book a trip, how to get ready for it, what to expect from your cabin and so much more. When you’re done, you’ll be ready to book a sensational ocean cruise to a destination you have always dreamed about. Get your free guide now!

Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage

Do you NEED a relaxing ocean cruise vacation? A family trip to the Caribbean? A slow sail past the spectacular glaciers in Alaska with your special someone? Maybe you’d like to cruise to some trendy destination in South America, Japan or Cuba? That’s awesome! But for someone who has never booked an ocean cruise, the whole thing can seem kind of foreign.

This free guide is designed to answer every question you have about booking a trip. It will teach you what to pack – and what not to pack – how to get great rates on a trip and so much more.

In fact, this free guide is designed to help you …

  • Choose a destination and cruise line
  • Decide when to go and how to get there
  • Plan the best possible cruise with confidence
  • Relax on a well-researched trip that holds no surprises
  • Discover added benefits not every passenger knows about
  • Enjoy the relaxing splendors of a vacation at sea

A little bit of planning can go a long way toward helping you book the ocean cruise of a lifetime. With this free guide, you will find a beautiful place to drop your anchor and think to yourself, what a wonderful world.

Of course, this guide is not just for first-time cruisers (although, we have helpful tips if it is your first time!). We also include helpful advice for returning sailors, including how to get the most bang for your buck on your next cruise, when to tip during a cruise, a story on the causes of motion sickness and more!

No one knows ocean cruises like the experts at AAA

Since 1902, AAA has been providing travel and road safety information to American drivers. Today, some 55.6 million members in the U.S. and Canada trust us for maps, roadside assistance, hotel and dining information, travel advice, shopping discounts and much, much more. One of our main specialties is ocean cruising. We work with a variety of cruise lines to find you the best offers on ocean cruises to the most popular destinations around the world.

We’ve poured all of our extensive knowledge and experience into this single guide to help you feel prepared, confident and excited about your next ocean cruise. When you are done, you will know you are prepared for your trip and bound for an incredible vacation at sea.

What else can you expect to read about in this free guide from Your AAA? You get all this:

• A guide to shore excursions
• FAQs on booking cruises, packing and more
• An outline of what to expect from your cabin
• A checklist to prepare for your trip
• A guide to tipping on cruises
• Motion sickness facts and remedies
• Help picking the right cruise vacation
• Helpful AAA resources to help you book

The guide includes hundreds of tips to help you plan and enjoy your next cruise. Whether you are sailing the Mediterranean or cruising down the coast of South America, this advice from the trusted travel experts at AAA will help you before you go and along the way.

Remember, you can download the guide immediately, read it at your leisure, and even use it online to visit the included links to related information. There are no surprises when you turn to Your AAA for advice!

Questions? We have answers. Go through our incredibly detailed FAQ sections for answers to everything you need to know about ocean cruising. And make sure to check out the AAA resource page at the end to learn how to save money on your next cruise, theme park visit, European vacation and more!

Discover all of this in our free guide, Nail Your Next Ocean Cruise: The Definitive Guide to Planning and Enjoying a Vacation at Sea, created just for travelers like you who want to see and experience it all!

We hope you’ll download the guide right now. It’s never the wrong time to book your next ocean cruise vacation. And when you are ready, the expert AAA Travel counselors are available to help you every step of the way. As you will read in the guide, they can help you pick a vacation, arrange for hotels and transportation to the dock, save on rental cars and get the best added amenities in your cabin and on the ship. So what are you waiting for! Get our free ocean cruising guide right now!

Yours for stress-free, enjoyable adventures,

The Editors of Your AAA

PS: This extremely helpful guide to ocean cruising is completely free. There are no strings attached and no obligation. At Your AAA, we simply enjoy sharing our expertise with travelers like you!

PPS: Shore excursions – trips you can take when the cruise ship docks in a port – come in different lengths and difficulties for travelers. But did you know it is sometimes better to take a half-day shore excursion instead of a full-day? This will allow you to get the experience of a guide’s insights but also leave you time to explore the city on your own, which many experienced travelers learn to love. This is just one of the hundreds of tips inside this free guide that can help you nail your next ocean cruise.


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