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Healthy Dishes: Yummy Recipes with Healthful Benefits

healthy rice dish

Fill your diet with superfoods that address women’s health concerns with these flavorful and healthy dishes.

1. Savor the flavor

When thinking of building strong bones, a cheesy Italian meal probably doesn’t come to mind. But this spinach and ricotta cannelloni from the National Osteoporosis Foundation is loaded with nutrients such as calcium, iron and protein that give you an edge against bone disease.

2. A slice of veggie heaven

The American Cancer Society thinks you should have your pizza and eat it, too. But this pizza is loaded with cancer-fighting ingredients like eggplant, artichokes and tomatoes.

3. A fall staple

Good news: You can enjoy a yummy risotto that’s low in carbs and unhealthy fats by adding pumpkin. This side dish from the American Diabetes Association is made healthier by substituting in olive oil and yogurt for butter and cream.

4. Wrap up your meal

Look no further than the American Heart Association’s white bean hummus wrap for a heart-healthy sandwich. Choose a multigrain wrap, fill it with creamy white bean hummus, and add avocado, bell pepper, cucumber or any combination of vegetables to add a tasty crunch.

5. Sweet n’ wholesome

This light nighttime snack will satisfy your sweet tooth and your need for daily nutrients, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation. The vanilla yogurt panna cotta is notable for its toppings: Just add raspberries, or another choice of fruit, plus honey and flaxseeds for a dessert rich in calcium, protein, folate and fiber.

6. Stuff to your heart’s desire

Nothing says fall like a stuffed squash recipe, and one that protects against heart disease is even better. This couscous-stuffed acorn squash from the American Heart Association is low in cholesterol and high in healthy unsaturated fats, making it a hearty choice for your health. Stuff with spinach, couscous and walnuts, then top it off with a drizzle of maple syrup and a sprinkle of blue cheese crumbles.


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