5 of the Dreamiest European Vacations

european vacations

Most Americans searching for European vacation ideas dream about winding cobblestone alleys, sidewalk cafes and ancient town squares, and then automatically think of the continent’s big five: London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and Barcelona (or Madrid). All are world-class cities that should be on your bucket list. However, once you’ve crossed them off, it opens up an unlimited number of possibilities for your next destination.

To help narrow things down, we’re offering up European vacations that need to be on your agenda for someday (hopefully, soon).

european vacations
Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, Italy. (Sorin Rechitan / EyeEm / Getty Images)

Exploring the History of Italy

Hundreds of years before the ancient Romans came to dominate the Western world, the Etruscans and the Greeks shared the Italian peninsula. And for hundreds of years after the empire’s decline, successive societies rose and fell again. From the Stone Age to the Renaissance, each left an indelible mark that is still apparent up and down the boot.

Besides the eternal allure of Rome, an abundance of signs pointing to former glory linger in Florence, Milan and Venice, which all experienced a measure of dominance at some point throughout the centuries. All of the cities are easily reached by train, but it’s just as enjoyable to wind through the hilly countryside in a car.

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Walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain

Camino de Santiago, the famed pilgrims’ trail, runs from the French border in the Pyrenees for more than 300 miles through northern Spain to the city of Santiago de Compostela, where legend says the bones of St. James are buried. Along the way, you pass through medieval villages and breathtaking landscapes, a journey that has inspired hundreds of books, including tomes by actors Shirley MacLaine and Andrew McCarthy.

Most people start in the city of Sarria, which is about a five-day walk from the end. Regardless of where you begin, it’s an indescribable experience.

european vacation
The beach at Lion-sur-Mer in Normandy, France. (Chris McLoughlin/ Getty Images)

Eating Your Way Through the French Countryside

Paris eternally tops every traveler’s wish list, for good reason, but the undeniable romanticism of the French way of life might be more easily found in the countryside than in the bustling city. From tiny neighborhood boites to palatial chateaus, the savory tradition of long, paced meals lives on in restaurants where the wine flows as freely as the friendly smiles.

Besides having charming bed and breakfasts near the beach, the idyllic town of Lion-sur-Mer is one of the best European destinations you never knew you wanted to visit. It provides a good home base for World War II buffs interested in learning about the D-Day invasion and the liberation of Europe.

european vacations
A mesmerizing aurora in Stokksnes, Iceland (Posnov / Getty Images)

Driving Through Mysterious Iceland

A relative newcomer to the tourist trail, remote Iceland has surged in popularity in the last decade, partly because its national airline offers free multiday stopovers in the capital of Reykjavik on the way to another destination.

On the Ring Road that circles the island, travelers will find hot springs, volcanoes and dramatic mountain backdrops under spectacular displays of the northern lights. Highlights can include descending 400 feet into a dormant volcano, climbing onto a glacier and swimming in the vivid Blue Lagoon. Perhaps not surprisingly, the ice cream scene in Iceland is special, with unique flavors like birch, dandelion and multiple varieties of licorice.

Cruising Along the Danube River

Another of history’s great empires, the Austro-Hungarian, lived and died along the storied Danube River, which flows through some of central Europe’s most photogenic cities. The architecture in the biggest cities – Vienna, Austria, and Budapest, Hungary – exudes all the pomp and circumstance of the Hapsburgs. The same sense of history can be found in the quirky smaller cities that you might never think to visit, like Nuremberg, Germany; Bratislava, Slovakia; and Belgrade, Serbia.

And thanks to competition from several luxury river cruise lines, it’s a great way to experience some of the best European vacations in comfort with high-thread-count sheets and premium dining options to go along with the beautiful views.

When you are ready, AAA travel advisors are available to help you plan for your future dream trips.

Featured image: Old Nuremberg, Germany. (Sakchai Vongsasiripat / Getty Images)


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