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Test drive: Volkswagen Tiguan

Compact Only in Size – Volkswagen Tiguan

This SUV delivers an upscale feel.

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New Kid in Town – Ford Explorer/Subaru Ascent

The new Subaru Ascent makes its presence known. But the Ford Explorer remains a top seller.

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Luxury Comes in All Sizes – Buick Encore

Whether midsize or compact, these SUVs deliver an upscale feel.

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Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover – Chevy Equinox/Toyota CH-R

As with these crossover SUVs, sometimes a good cover delivers a good story, sometimes it hides a bad one.

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CX-9 is Practically Perfect

Mazda’s CX-9, the automaker’s largest crossover sport-utility vehicle, has a multitude of virtues and hardly any shortcomings. No slab-sided SUV, its lines are at once bold, dynamic, understated and refined. Stellar design elements extend to the well-appointed interior, with its good-looking, functional controls. The cabin has a rich feel, approaching entry-level luxury status on theRead More

Audi A4

Audi A4 Boasts Luxury and Performance

The redesigned Audi A4 melds speed and style.