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AAA Asks: What Makes You Nostalgic?

What Makes You Nostalgic?

We’re working on a story about places that don’t exist anymore, and we need your help.

Did you have a favorite restaurant, or chain of restaurants, that closed its doors? What about a beloved brick-and-mortar retail store that’s no more? Or maybe you had a favorite venue, arena or drive-in movie theater that’s gone to seed?

We’d love to hear your memories. Let us know in the comments below and we may just profile your favorite now-defunct places in an upcoming article.


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6 Thoughts on “AAA Asks: What Makes You Nostalgic?

  1. I have fond memories shopping in downtown Boston at Filenes and Filene’s Basement in downtown Boston. Loved going to the Basement with my grandmother and shopping for the bargains. We would check out the dates on the sales ticket. If so many days had passed since an item had been put on the selling floor, you could go to one of their supervisors to get an item “marked down”. The longer the item was on the floor, the higher the markdown would be. We would shop and then go up to the restaurant that was on one of the top floors in the main Filene’s store or walk over to Bailey’s Ice Cream Shop for a sundae served in silver pedestal bowls.

  2. As a child in Massachusetts South Shore I remember the Toll House in Whitman. The restaurant know for the Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie burned down but there is a plaque commemorating it in Wendy’s parking lot on route 18 in Whitman. I grew up in Elmwood a section of east Bridgewater, Ma and remember the Joppa Grille on route 18 in Elmwood. The Joppa Sticks rolls were famous. The building is still there as a retail store but the restaurant has closed.

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