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10 Essential Car Cleaning Tools

Car Cleaning Tools

Now that spring is here, there’s never been a better time to give your vehicle a good wash.

According to an informal poll we ran on the Your AAA Network, the majority of about 3,000 participants said they preferred to clean their car themselves, while 14%  said they would rather “wait till it rains.”

Washing your car is important, not just for looks but to help it run longer and smoother for years to come. Don’t leave it up to the rain. These car cleaning tools can help you freshen that car up, both inside and out.

Car Cleaning Tools

Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner

This ammonia-free glass cleaning formula sprays on in a fine mist, so you won’t have to worry about drips. Use on both sides of your windshield, interior and exterior, as well as the rear-view mirror and the rest of your car’s glass. Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner comes in a 19-fluid ounce EZ Grip can for easy handling while you clean, and removes mess like fingerprints, grease and cigarette smoke residue from your car’s glass. Use a clean, lint-free microfiber towel to wipe dry. Buy it here.

Car Cleaning Tools

Chemical Guys Chenille Wash Mitt

Scratches will be the furthest thing from your mind when you wash your car with the Chemical Guys Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt. It fits nicely over your hand (choose your size), snugly attached with a wrist cuff to gently wash your car. You’ll be surprised at the softness and absorbency of this car cleaning treat! Machine washable (just follow directions carefully). Available in four colors and two sizes. Buy it here.

Car Cleaning Tools

Leather Honey

Established in 1968, Leather Honey Leather Conditioner is an ideal car cleaning tool for cars with real leather interiors. Made in the USA, Leather Honey soaks deeply into leather to protect, refresh and moisturize with no oily residue. Rub it in thoroughly and you’ll only need to apply this water-resistant formula once every six months. Comes in your choice of 8-, 64-  or 128-ounce bottle with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Buy it here.

Car Cleaning Tools

BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum for Car

Cars get pretty dusty and dirty inside, from the fine dust on your dashboard to the dirt and crumbly bits of leaves on the floor. Often, the most efficient way to clean your car on the inside is to get a vacuum in there. The BLACK + DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum for Car is an easy and super-portable way to bust that dust. This handheld vacuum is cordless for ease of use, with a long-lasting, rechargeable battery. The crevice attachment will help to clean hard-to-reach places and the motorized brush head attachment will make quick work of any mess. And if you like it for your car, you can also use it in your home. Buy it here.

Car Cleaning Tools

AutoRight SteamMachine 

Your car will look like new with the AutoRight SteamMachine Automotive Steam Cleaner. With 11 handy attachments ready to tackle any area you need cleaned, this portable car cleaning tool utilizes high-temperature, pressurized steam made from distilled water to draw out any type of dirt and stains from any surface on your car’s interior. It works on cloth, leather, vinyl, floors, floor mats, plastic consoles and more. The hose is conveniently eight feet long and the tank holds forty ounces of water. Once ready, the SteamMachine can clean for up to 45 minutes straight. Buy it here.

Car Cleaning Tools

Wash Wax ALL Waterless Car Wash and Wax Kit

When you want to wash your car but there’s no water handy, try the Wash Wax ALL Waterless Car Wash and Wax Kit. This kit is easy on your vehicle’s exterior with a gentle wash and four non-abrasive microfiber towels. It shines up your car in an hour or less, leaving a UV protective coating on it and easily clearing dirt and grease off without a scratch. The kit is designed for use without water, but you can use water if you wish. Comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Buy it here.

Car Cleaning Tools

Zwipes Ultra Plush & Absorbent Microfiber Towels

Perfect for babying a vintage car or giving top-level care to a modern one, each Zwipes Ultra Plush & Absorbent Microfiber Towel features a softer, looped side for buffing and a tighter side for removing dirt. They last a long time and can be used in many different ways besides washing or wiping cars. Available in two styles and four different size packs. Buy it here.

Car Cleaning Tools

Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish

Brighten up any metal on your vehicle with a scoop of Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish. Just apply and massage in with a scratch-free microfiber towel and your metal will be looking brand new in no time! This formula works great on other metal products as well. Give it a try in the 10 ounce jar shown. Buy it here.

Car Cleaning Tools

TICARVE Cleaning Gel for Car

TICARVE Cleaning Gel for Car is a sticky putty that can squish into all your car interior’s nooks and crannies, sucking up dust and dirt. It gets the gunk out of air vents, cup holders and other difficult areas to clean. You can also use this gel to clean other things, like your keyboard or desk drawers. TICARVE Cleaning Gel for Car can be used multiple times, until its bright color turns dark. Buy it here.

Car Cleaning Tools

Meguiar’s G190200 Quik Scratch Eraser Kit

Want to get a little more intense with your car cleaning job? With the Meguiar’s G190200 Quik Scratch Eraser Kit, you can tackle fine scratches, scuffs and paint blemishes on your car. This kit contains a mild scratch removal solution, a microfiber cloth and a scratch eraser pad that you can attach to a power drill for maximum efficiency. It’s a safe and effective way to make your car look shiny and new. Buy it here.

For even more car cleaning supplies, check out our storefront!

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What are your favorite car cleaning tools? Tell us in the comments below.


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16 Thoughts on “10 Essential Car Cleaning Tools

  1. Anyone ever had their car accidentally sprayed by concrete? I had myne on the street where they were doing construction and while cleaning the truck pieces of concrete fell onto the back and got stuck on the exterior. I successfully removed it from glass, but it’s not as simple on the paint. Anyone ever dealt with that and has an advice?
    Thanks a million!

    1. Hi, thanks for reading! Here’s an answer from our Car Doctor John Paul: Whenever in doubt contact a detail shop-they are experts at paint correction. Interestingly, there are products made for just this purpose https://www.sakrete.com/products/concrete-dissolver and https://www.concrete-dissolver.com/ are two products. Both can be a little tough on paint so you will need to compound/polish/wax the car when you are completed. You need to be patient and let the chemicals do their work, then wash off the softened concrete with a strong water spray or pressure washer. Don’t rush the chemical process or you will scratch the paint. If you try it yourself read all of the directions and warning and wear gloves and eye protection.

  2. Any rubber glove – kitchen “yellow glove” style, dampened – just rub in circles on the hairy surface. Every fiber come up up in clumps. Then vacuum as normal.

  3. Wonderful article, wonderful products. There were even links provided so I could purchase the products. There was only one link that was forgotten. It was the link that provided the person to give the products to that would come and do all the work!

  4. Car interior is a black micro fiber that has food stains, what can I use to clean this.

    Thank you,

  5. I feel your pain. The cargo area of my vehicle is covered with imbedded dog hair. Amazon has a tool called the Lilly Brush mini pet hair detailer. I haven’t tried it myself but am ordering one today.

  6. Help!!!! Dog hair removal from the sides of the fabric part of the cargo area of my SUV. I have a yellow lab and a Hungarian Vizsla. Blonde hair and lots of short red hairs. I will appreciate any advice. I have been using Static Guard spray and the vacuum

    1. Fur-Zoff pet hair removal rock is the only thing I have found to be effective for both short and long hair (Basset and Sheltie). It takes some elbow grease, too, but is worth it! Just be careful as it is somewhat abrasive so best to try it in an inconspicuous location. I use on my canvas couch, too, as a tip.

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