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Snow Removal Tools You Need This Winter

snow cleaning tools

It’s that time of year! It’s winter in the Northeast and snow is in the forecast. Minor to major accumulations could be around the corner at any moment. Are you prepared with shovels, scrapers and salt? Don’t wait until the next big storm hits to stock up on all the snow removal tools that you need. 

For Your Car

Did you know? Failure to remove snow and ice from your car is not only dangerous to you and other drivers on the road, it is illegal in every Northeast state.

Keep these items in your car as part of your winter driving kit.

Snow Removal Tools

Scraper Cone

Perfect for blustery ice storms, especially if you have a small- to average-sized vehicle (larger ones may need the longer reach of a handle), the Scraper Cone is designed to easily break ice and snow from your windshield and windows. The twist and lock cap design makes the beveled edges even more effective against the elements. Available in eight different colors, it’s the snow removal tool you didn’t know you needed until now. Custom orders available upon request. Buy it here

Snow Removal Tools

Snow MOOver 

Get your windows and windshield cleared quickly with the Snow MOOver extendable snow brush. With a squeegee on one side and firmly bristled brush on the other, it extends up to 46 inches to reach even the trickiest corners of your vehicle. Its brush head pivots to 270 degrees to keep angles optimal for snow removal. Detachable ice blade can be swapped out for icier mornings. Buy it here.

windshield cover

EcoNour Car Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow

A great way to get frost off your windshield is to make sure it never frosts over at all. The EcoNour Car Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow protects your windshield in icy winter conditions. All you have to do is strap it on over your windshield, then take it off when you want to drive. Buy it here.

snow broom

Snow Joe 4-in-1 Snow Broom With Foam Head

You should never drive with snow on top of your car, and the Snow Joe SJBLZD 4-in-1 Snow Broom With 18-Inch Foam Head makes it fast and easy to clear off your car’s roof. The foam snow broom simply takes the snow and pushes it elsewhere, and the long, collapsible handle makes it easy for anyone to use. A good snow broom is one of the most important snow removal tools in a winter motorist’s arsenal. Buy it here.

snow removal tools

Folding Emergency Snow Shovel

You don’t want your car to get buried in the snow, especially when you’re away from your trusty snow shovels at home. With this Folding Emergency Snow Shovel, you can dig your car out of many snowy situations. You’ll never have to worry about getting plowed in again! Buy it here.

For Your Home

Snow Removal Tools


Need a snow removal tool for the roof? Get the Snowpeeler! Measuring 20-feet long by extended reach, this tool makes removing the snow from your roof a breeze. Simple assembly required. Use regularly to help prevent ice or water damage to your home. Easily cuts through both hard-packed and light, fresh snow. Weighs only 9.1 pounds. Perfect for single-story homes or cabins. Buy it here

Snow Removal Tools

Snow Joe Shovelution

Give your back a break and join the Shovelution! Designed to improve posture and shift lifting leverage to the lower hand, the Shovelution Strain-Resisting Snow Shovel’s spring-assisted handle alleviates some of the snow’s heaviness and spares your back up to 30% of the usual strain. Its wide and durable shovel blade is shatter-resistant. Buy it here. 

snow removal tools

Snow Joe Cordless Snow Shovel

Another Snow Joe gem, the Cordless Snow Shovel combines the speed and convenience of a snow blower with the lightweight maneuverability of a shovel to clear your sidewalks, decks and driveways. Weighing less than 15 pounds, the Snow Joe Cordless Snow Shovel comes with its own rechargeable battery and throws snow up to 20 feet. Buy it here.

snow removal

Snow Joe Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

If you’re looking for an actual snow blower to get the job done, the Snow Joe Single Stage Snow Thrower is a versatile and powerful machine, ideal for clearing snow off mid- to large-sized driveways and walkways. It can move up to 720 pounds of snow per minute and can throw snow up to 25 feet. It even has headlights, so you can clear your driveway in the dark. Buy it here.

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What’s your favorite way to get snow off your car? Tell us in the comments. Stay warm! 

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21 Thoughts on “Snow Removal Tools You Need This Winter

  1. If anyone has used the Scraper Cone, please respond to this post to let all readers know how it is supposed to work, and if it actually works.
    Thank you.

  2. i have a windshield cover and i love it. it’s made so you close the driver/passenger over the ends. i’ve seen some advertised that the ends have elastic to fit around the side mirrors, but i wouldn’t be surprised if someone just took it. i also have a small shovel i keep in the trunk. it doesn’t fold; doesn’t have to, it stays in the trunk. i also keep a bag of cat litter in the car in case i need it for traction. 🙂

  3. The Snow Joe snow broom you recommend is a piece of junk. I bought one a couple of winters zgo. It wouldn’t push 2 inches of snow off my car. Sent it back with my negative review. Skip this product.

  4. I have a John Deere soft-bristle shop broom that clears the roof in 3-4 passes, then on to the side windows and windshield. Then I use a regular scraper to clear the remaining snow from around the wipers. The broom never touches the ground except to tap/shake of the snow from the bristles, so there is no dirt that might scratch the paint surfaces.

  5. I have been using a push broom like the type used for sweeping floors. The broom has very soft bristles with a wood head be sure the head is wood and not plastic the plastic could scuff the paint. I’ve used this method on my new vehicles for many years with absolutely no damage to the paint, it makes clearing the snow off my vehicles much easier and faster without having to stretch across the roof or hood. If you use this method it is imperative the broom is only used for your vehicle not on floors or any other purpose so not to collect dirt or sand that can scratch the paint.

  6. I usually use a broom to push snow of the car roof. If the car is running, the windshield is easy to clean off. I am tempted to get the windshield cover.

  7. I’ve always found it best to start the engine first and set the defroster on high, then get out and clear the car off front to rear. By the time the car is clear, I have heat inside. I tried collapsible shovels, but found them useless. I keep a snow shovel and a sweeper with a scraper on it in the car. And use studded snow tires. I’ve never had a car with AWD or 4WD; quite apart from the effect on gas mileage, in icy conditions AWD gives you the confidence to drive faster than is actually safe. Front wheel drive and antilock brakes are Godsends, but the real secret is to drive with extreme care.

  8. Cute little electric snowblowers are good in light snow for a narrow path.

    First thing – if you are in an area that can get heavy snow, you may want an AWD or 4WD car – with at a minimum, high quality all season tires, or if you can, snow tires. So when I was still commuting – to the train at 6AM, coming home about 12 hours later, in the morning I might use my real, 26 inch gas snowblower to partially clear my driveway (to avoid compacting the snow). My car for many years – a Subaru Forester with AWD (unlike most ‘suvs’, most Subarus come with AWD. OEM tires at the time were awful (Yoko Geos); the Michelin replacements and the Subie were great when I’d get off my train to find it half buried with over 2 feet of snow – clean off the glass, whatever I could from the roof, enough to get the drivers door open, oh, and use my remote start with heat and defrost set to full – then pulling out was pretty easy.

    As to snowblowers, what’s listed in the article – toys. They only work in light, low, powdery snow. They won’t get you out of a railroad parking lot with deep snow.

  9. My favorite unlikely winter car tool is a hotel key card. Its great for scraping that thin layer of ice that is not removed easily by a ridged plastic scrapper.

  10. Regarding the “Snow Joe SJBLZD 2-in-1 Snow Broom with 18-Inch Foam Head”, I saw these on sale a few years ago, and wondered just how long the “foam head” would last. I used it faithfully through many winder storms, but with care not to forcit, like one might do with a steel shoveI I liked it because I could clear the van top in a few minutes with no concern about potential scratches. Also on other flattish parts of the van open to the sky. If this one finally breaks I will definitely but another.

  11. I use an inexpensive plastic tablecloth to cover the windshield when snow is forecast. It’s held in place by closing the door on the ends after I pull it tight. I costs me about $3.

  12. We live in Boston, and have to shovel out a backyard. We have to pitch the snow to the corners of the yard to make room for the cars. We have found that the best tools are long handled scoop shovels with Teflon coated aluminum blades. They were made in Canada, have blades shaped like the old coal shovels. They were carried by local hardware stores in the 1970s and 1980s and are better to throwing snow than the wide blade shovels.

  13. Hi, I am a long time member, and back in the 1980s you offered tire tread mats. I still have them. They are metal mats that you put down in back of the front wheels to give you extra traction, if you get stuck. They have been life savers for me!

  14. Maybe that Snow Joe cordless snow shovel is something I need. I live in a condo and need only to shovel around my car to get it out of my parking space do the maintenance team can plow the parking lot effectively.

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