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Snow Removal Tools You Need to Survive the Winter

Snow is pretty and all until you have to dig yourself out of it. Luckily, we've found all the right tools for the job.

snow cleaning tools

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It’s that time of year! It’s winter in the Northeast and snow is in the forecast. Minor to major accumulations could be around the corner at any moment. Are you prepared with shovels, scrapers and salt? Don’t wait until the next big storm hits to stock up on all the snow removal tools that you need. 

Snow Removal Tools

The Snowplow

The Snowplow saves your back by letting you push the snow rather than lift it. Great for clearing the driveway of smaller amounts of snow. Referred to as the “Original Snow Pusher,” the plow can be changed out by width according to the size you need. Also available in 18, 24, 30, 36 and 48 inches. Made in the USA. Built to last. Buy it here

If you prefer something similar that can clear a bit more snow, check out the Wheeled Snow Shovel Pusher.

Snow Removal Tools

Summerstep Home Snow Melting Heated Door Mat

Made of sturdy, anti-slip rubber, this mat holds its ground to melt around 2 inches of snow per hour using radiant heat. Affordable to run, it claims to cost less than $2 per snow day. Place one outside each entrance for safe coming and going, especially during the high-traffic days of holiday gatherings. The Summerstep Home Residential Snow Melting Heated Door Mat is anti-slip and comes with its own built-in power cord, a connector for connecting to other snow melting mats and a one-year warranty. Made in the USA. Buy it here

Snow Removal Tools

Scraper Cone

Perfect for blustery ice storms, especially if you have a small- to average-size vehicle (larger ones may need the longer reach of a handle), the Scraper Cone easily breaks ice and snow from the windshield and windows. The new twist and lock cap design makes the beveled edges even more effective against the elements. Its compact size makes it a great stocking stuffer or small gift for coworkers. Available in eight different colors. Custom orders available upon request. Buy it here

Snow Removal Tools

SnoShark Snow & Ice Removal Tool

If you’ve got a larger vehicle or just need to add a little more oomph to your snow clearing, unleash the SnoShark! A lightweight but sturdy tool, the SnoShark can be extended to your choice of two positions and locks in place for a longer reach. Has a foam sleeve for scratch prevention. Weighs only 2 pounds. The SnoShark Snow & Ice Removal Tool is made with an anti-freeze additive, high-grade zinc alloy and stainless steel. Collapses into a compact storage bag. Buy it here

Snow Removal Tools

Snow MOOver 

Get your windows and windshield cleared quickly with the Snow MOOver extendable snow brush. With a squeegee on one side and firmly bristled brush on the other, it extends up to 39 feet to reach even the trickiest corners of your vehicle. Its brush head pivots to 270 degrees to keep angles optimal for snow removal. Detachable ice blade can be swapped out for icier mornings. Buy it here

Snow Removal Tools


When it’s time to clear the roof of snow, get out the Snowpeeler! Measuring 20-feet long by extended reach, this tool makes removing the snow from your roof a breeze. Simple assembly required. Use regularly to help prevent ice or water damage to your home. Easily cuts through both hard-packed and light, fresh snow. Weighs only 9.1 pounds. Perfect for single-story homes or cabins. Buy it here

Snow Removal Tools

Snow Joe Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

Give your back a break and join the Shovelution! Designed to improve posture and shift lifting leverage to the lower hand, the Shovelution’s spring-assisted handle alleviates some of the snow’s heaviness and spares your back up to 30% of the usual strain. Its wide and durable shovel blade is shatter-resistant. Comes in blue (shown) or red. An Amazon’s Choice product, the Shovelution comes with a two-year warranty. Buy it here

Snow Removal Tools

Black Diamond Evac Shovel

The lightweight Black Diamond Evac Shovel has two functions: shovel and hoe. Durable and highly effective the Evac comes in two sizes (0.7 gallon and 0.9 gallon). Moves a lot of snow for its size and comes highly recommended by previous purchasers. Popular as a gift and for keeping in the car in case you get stuck in the snow. Buy it here

Snow Joe Cordless Snow Shovel

Another Snow Joe gem, the Cordless Snow Snovel combines the speed and convenience of a snow blower with the lightweight maneuverability of a shovel to clear your sidewalks, decks and driveways. Weighing less than 10 pounds, the Snow Joe Cordless Snow Shovel comes with its own rechargeable battery and requires no gas, oil, cords or maintenance. Throws snow up to 20 feet. Two-year warranty. Buy it here.

Ariens Deluxe Two- Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

Destined to last for years, this snow blower is powerful, simple to use and highly reliable. Easy to start and maneuver on even surfaces. Throws snow up to 50 feet. While it is a splurge, the Ariens Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower has been rumored to easily grind through all types of snow and even clear a 200-foot driveway in a single hour. Also has lights to help clear snow after dark as well as eight different speeds. Comes with a five-year warranty. Buy it here

Safe Paw Ice Melter

This ice melter keeps paws, hands and bellies protected from harsh chemicals. Sold in 8-pound packages, Safe Paw Ice Melter comprises non-toxic, timed-released, concentrated pellets guaranteed to be safe for pets, kids and plants. Can cover twice the area of rock salt. Once applied, helps prevent re-icing for up to three days. Buy it here

(Note: Although advertised as safe to use on concrete, some users reported damage. Use caution and try a small area first to be sure.)

Magnetic Windshield Snow and Ice Cover

The night before a storm, cover your windshield with the Ice Shield Universal Magnetic Windshield Snow and Ice Cover to protect it from the elements. Cover measures 50-by-70 inches, and comes with 13 powerful magnets to hold it in place. Can be secured with ties and tucked inside doors to prevent theft. When you’re ready to drive, just clear your side windows. Fits any make and model vehicle. Comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Buy it here.

Stout’s Backsaver Grip

Stout’s Backsaver Grip is a patented ergonomic attachment that can be attached to any tool within a few minutes or less. Reduces back strain by manipulating the way the user grasps the shovel. Made from cold-resistant materials that can handle freezing weather. Also works with push brooms, garden rakes and more. Buy it here

Which of these snow removal tools will you be purchasing? Tell us in the comments. Stay warm! 


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