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AAA DMV Services in NY

AAA DMV services are now available in select New York branch locations with reservations available online.

dmv services in ny

In a continued effort to best serve our members, AAA DMV services in NY are now available. Offered at select branch locations, these benefits are available to all current AAA members living in New York.

Below, find more information on the AAA DMV services available and what you need to know before your reservation.

AAA DMV Services in NY

AAA offices near you with DMV service

NY DMV services are now available at the Queens (Whitestone), Brooklyn, Manhattan (Lincoln Center), Garden City, Yonkers and Nanuet locations.


What DMV services does AAA offer? 

  • Registration renewals.
  • Registration amendments. (Acceptable changes: address change, vehicle color change.)
  • Duplicate registrations.
  • License renewals. (Any commercial driver’s license transaction must be handled at a DMV office.)
  • Duplicate licenses. (Duplicates can be issued if a license is lost or stolen, if you are changing an address, if you want to change your photo, or if you want to add or remove organ donor status.)
  • License amendments (Only the following amendments can be performed: changing name, address, sex, height, eye color, date of birth; adding veteran status.)
  • License upgrades (REAL ID, Enhanced Driver License).
  • Non-driver ID renewals, duplicates and upgrades.
  • Vision tests.

AAA Northeast’s Managing Director of Branch Operations, Dave Hempe, and Senior Manager of Public Affairs, Robert Sinclair, discuss REAL ID ahead of the upcoming October 1, 2021 deadline.

What DMV services are not offered?

  • New licenses or State ID’s to include out of state conversions of license or ID.
  • Conversion of a driver’s license to State ID.
  • All CDL license transactions.
  • Name change on license, ID or registrations. (Exception: AAA can change a middle name only with legal documents for Real ID endorsement on License or State ID transactions only.)
  • Non-Citizen License/ID transactions.
  • Reinstate suspended licenses, ID’s or registrations.
  • Late registration renewals expired beyond 1 year​.
  • Any title services.
  • New vehicle registrations or new license plates for a new or used vehicle you have purchased.
  • Converting an out of state registration to New York.
  • Registration transfer of existing plates.
  • Drivers permits, either new or duplicates/replacements.
  • Remove, clear or accept payment for income tax blocks, parking violations, E-ZPass violations or tickets.

Important information: DMV transactions require paperwork and proof of ID. Real ID and Enhanced endorsements for a non-driver ID and Drivers’ License have additional requirements. To successfully complete a DMV transaction, you must prepare yourself with acceptable documents. Please visit for details.

How do I make a reservation for a AAA DMV service?

Before visiting a branch, you can make an online reservation here.

Flip through the slideshow below to see the step-by-step process of booking your spot online for AAA DMV services in NY.

  • Select the branch location you would like to visit

What do I need to know about making a reservation?

  • One person cannot make a reservation for multiple people. Each individual in need of service must have his or her own reservation.
  • Currently, AAA branches can only service one transaction type per visit.
  • AAA is only able to provide DMV services to active AAA members at this time. You will need to bring your current AAA membership card to your reservation.

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What are AAA offices’ COVID policies?

In compliance with the Center for Disease Control and the New York Governor’s orders, all New York AAA branch locations have implemented the following policies:

  • Only the one member completing the DMV service can enter the AAA branch office.
  • If you or anyone in your house is sick, we ask you not to make a reservation, or cancel your reservation if you already have one.
  • Face masks are required to be worn while inside the office. You will be allowed to momentarily remove the face mask while a license photo is taken, if one is needed. (Face coverings should not be worn by anyone whose health would be harmed from wearing a face cover, including children under the age of two.)

aaa dmv services


Depending on the NY DMV service you are requesting, you will need to complete and submit certain DMV forms. We recommend you fill out these forms before your reservation. These forms may include:

MV-82 – Vehicle Registration/Title Application

Required for registration renewals, amendments and duplicates. Download here.

MV-44 – Application for Permit, Driver’s License or Non-Driver ID

Required for license renewals, amendments and duplicates. Download here.

Other requirements:

  • Valid AAA membership.
  • Proof of identification. See the ID-82 form for a full list of acceptable documents.


For more information and a complete list of all required documents and forms needed to complete AAA DMV services, visit

Not in New York? Find AAA DMV services near you. 

    • Andrew S.

      Hi Yui, thanks for reaching out. If the dependent is under the age of 18 we can process for them as they are a dependent in the same household. If they are 18 or older, however, they need a AAA membership.

      • Paul W.

        Can my Elderly Mother convert her drivers license which is still valid to a non drivers ID at a AAA office ?

        • Andrew S.

          Hi Paul, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, at this time we’re unable to convert a driver’s license to a state ID. This will have to be done through the DMV.

    • Andrew S.

      Hi Frank, thanks for the question. As long as your wife is also a AAA member, yes you can make an appointment for her.

    • Andrew S.

      Sheila, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, this is not a transaction that can be completed at a AAA branch at this time.


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