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AAA Female Techs Are Vital Members of the Fleet Family

aaa female tech

In honor of International Women’s Day, AAA Northeast is highlighting the incredible contributions of our female employees.

We caught up with AAA fleet technician Amelia Desiata to talk about working at AAA, her favorite aspect of the job and how she has found success in a male-dominated field.

Amelia Desiata

It didn’t take long for Amelia Desiata to discover what sort of company she had joined when she came to work as a flatbed tech for AAA. Within her first year, she was on a roadside assistance call in the middle of a snowstorm when she lost control of her truck and crashed. “A flatbed driver came out to help me and did his best to keep me calm and reassure me that everything was ok,” Amelia recalled. “That was when I learned what kind of guys I work with… I like working for AAA because of the care that the employees have for each other. I feel like I’m part of a big family.”

Over her nearly eight years with AAA Amelia has established herself as an important member of that family. As for being one of the few female members of that family, she sees it as an asset. “I still tell myself, ‘anything these guys can do, I know I can do better’ and ‘it takes a woman to get a job done right sometimes.’ I like to feed my ego, but hey, it works and I’m here still going strong.”

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Her advice to other females interested in a career in the field that is to not shy away from the fact that it’s so male-dominated, but be proud of it. “Confidence in what you do and how you present yourself is key to success in this field as a woman. You have to be strong at times and persevere. Let the fact of being a woman in a male-dominated job field bring you great joy.”

Amelia gets just as much joy at home where she cares for her 12-year-old son, mother, and German Shepherd. In her free time, she loves to paint and play board games with her family.

Back at work, Amelia, like so many of her colleagues, finds the best part of being a tech to be the opportunity to help. “My favorite part of the job is the joy of being able to help someone out in whatever way needed. It could simply be turning their day around and giving them a good laugh, figuring out how to get their car going again without needing a tow, or simply shocking them with the fact that I’m a woman, which is my favorite!”

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