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AAA Northeast Receives Global Recognition for Employee Training

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AAA Northeast is a world leader for employee enrichment opportunities, ranked No. 29 by Training magazine on its 2020 Top 125.

The magazine is a go-to reference for human resources and workforce training professionals. Its annual Top 125 awards showcase organizations that demonstrate a strong commitment to employee enrichment that permeates its overall culture. Components include programs and scope, budget, tuition reimbursement, infrastructure and delivery, evaluation and metrics as well as human resources support.

“Working for an organization in the Training Top 125 means that you are working for an organization that invests in ongoing training and development,” said Keri Borba, director of learning and development at AAA Northeast.  “It also shows that those entrusted with the job of designing and delivering training are educated, experienced, focused on the needs of adult learners and dedicated to equipping employees with the skills, knowledge and abilities they need to be successful.”

Preparing employees to deliver the highest level of performance, as well as supporting career growth, is a long-held tradition at AAA Northeast, said David Himsey, senior vice president of human resources at AAA Northeast. “We have a comprehensive approach to providing both skills training and leadership development,” he said.

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There are 42 full-time instructors among the 3,000-plus employees at AAA Northeast. They are specialists and industry experts. Borba said. “They’re excellent trainers and they know their subject matter well,” Borba said. Another 40 or so employees regularly lend their expertise to training sessions.

They teach by example.

“We have a growth mindset. We are committed to our own continued development and learning,” Borba said.

For example, at the end of every course, trainers ask participants for feedback. The team takes that feedback seriously and makes adjustments to course content, course flow, timing and relevancy to ensure the needs of the participants are being met, Borba said.

With AAA Northeast employees situated across six states, the training team provides wide access to training outside of the classroom through online instruction and alternative learning methods, including quizzes, videos and interactive activities that can be completed at various times to make learning more convenient for every employee.

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