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New Year, New Look for Your AAA Magazine

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AAA was founded on March 4, 1902. While there is much to be said about an organization that has lasted for more than 100 years, we at AAA believe that the company has been able to thrive because, above all else, it has stayed committed to one singular goal: to best serve our members.

AAA’s service comes in many forms, from roadside assistance and driving school to insurance and travel offerings. But another critical component is delivering important news, expert advice and compelling stories right to your front door. To continue to best deliver on the content that members expect, and to keep in-step with an ever-changing media landscape, AAA Northeast is revamping its publications in the New Year.

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Your AAA’s New Look

Beginning in 2019, AAA Northeast’s member magazine, Your AAA, will introduce a 44-page glossy format. This aesthetically beautiful publication will be published six times a year and will come jam-packed with content designed to both inform and entertain members. Readers can expect information on topics such as life, money and travel, as well as tips from AAA Northeast’s in-house travel, insurance and automotive specialists.

To supplement the magazine, AAA Northeast will continue to publish its traditional tabloid twice a year. In addition, the digital version of each print issue can be found at or on the Your AAA Network, where you’ll also find daily digital stories, free guides and events near you.

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But that’s not all. We also want to highlight members and their experiences with AAA. Did a roadside technician go above and beyond to get you back on the road? Did a AAA travel agent help you book your dream vacation? Use this form to share your AAA story with us and it could be featured in our print or digital magazine.


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4 Thoughts on “New Year, New Look for Your AAA Magazine

  1. I’m also confused. I’ve just been pushed into signing up for the new “Your AAA network” and told I won’t get any print publications. Why is the first story I see that AAA is introducing a brand new glossy magazine?

    This makes no sense.
    — Vince

  2. This is extremely confusing. I already had a AAA login and password. Now I need a separate password for “Your AAA Network”? And I will no longer receive a printed copy of your monthly magazine? While I applaud your efforts to go “green”, I have to wonder how much money is AAA saving by making this change? Will your nationwide membership of 50 million see any reduction in fees from the discontinuation of the printed magazine? Or the 6 million Northeast members you state in your email? As a member for over 40 years and retired, I am driving less but the cost of membership continues to rise, yet the benefits seem to decline. And with present day cars reliability continuing to improve, the amount I have paid over 40 years far exceeds the benefit of membership. Now you are reducing that benefit by not sending your magazine? I refer you to this article from Folio: I have requested that my magazine continue to be mailed to me, but I am also considering the need to continue my membership.

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