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Northeast States Banning Gas Car Sales by 2035

Banning gas cars

An increasing number of states, including several in the Northeast, are instituting laws banning the sale of new gas-powered cars. In each case, states are adopting some form of California’s Advanced Clean Cars II program, which requires stakeholders to start phasing out gas cars, SUVs and light-duty trucks in lieu of zero-emission vehicles. Under this framework, clean-energy vehicles will account for 35% of new vehicle sales beginning in 2026 and increase annually until reaching 100% in 2035. The law also institutes increasingly stricter pollution standards for vehicles with combustion engines.

It’s important to emphasize that these measures are not bans on all gas-powered cars. Motorists will still be able to drive and purchase used models of such vehicles. Instead, the laws prohibit the sale of new gas-powered cars.

Here are the local states that have announced such legislation.

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In August 2022, Governor Charlie Baker signed the Clean Energy and Offshore Wind act into law. The legislation included a stipulation that if California bans the sale of new gas-powered cars, so too would Massachusetts. Later that month, the West Coast state did just that, triggering Massachusetts to adopt the same regulations. 

New York

In September 2022, Governor Kathy Hochul announced a requirement for all new passenger cars, SUVs and pickup trucks sold in New York to be zero-emission vehicles by 2035. The measure is part of the state’s effort to reduce greenhouse gases 85% by 2050. Hochul simultaneously announced complementary initiatives, including electric vehicle infrastructure investments and zero-emission vehicle incentives.

New Jersey

In February, New Jersey became the latest state to introduce legislation banning the sale of new gas-powered cars starting in 2035. Governor Phil Murphy announced the measure as part of a broader environmental initiative that aims to transition the Garden State to 100% clean energy by the same time frame. New Jersey had previously set that deadline at 2050.  

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What do you think about the plans for phasing out gas cars? Have you already gone electric? Share your opinions in the comments.


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9 Thoughts on “Northeast States Banning Gas Car Sales by 2035

  1. other comments make good points about affordability, the problems with the grid, but I would add other caveats: EVs do nothing to address congestion, accidents, they promote sprawl that is paving over our countryside, and mining for materials they need is very destructive. The industry seems to demand endless subsidies and since the EVs do not pay gas taxes they will force either others to pay for the roads they want to use or inadequate funding will lead to deterioration of our roads and bridges.

  2. Where will 220 M Amercians who live in the cities without garages charge their cars overnight?
    Where is the infrastucture to power all these cars? CA can’t keep the lights on, forget about charging cars.
    How long do battery packs last and how much will it cost ot replace them when they break?
    When will a $25,000 electric car emerge? Right now they all seem to be in excess of $60,000.
    Can I drive to NY and back in the same day?
    I think it’s all smoke and mirrors with no payback on the other side given the rate a twhich China and India are building coal plants.

    1. As usual we as a nation think short term.
      Have our leaders already have firm plans as to where and how much it will cost for fueling cells,? I know the Federal GOVERMENT HAS TALKED ANOUT spending a Hugh amount.
      But if they do who gets the stations and how much will they charge?
      Have they already developed a plan as to where they will be located.
      They need to be fairly cllose and available to wall rural areas. On major highways there must be turnoff a on the highways to prevent having to leave the highways and renter.
      Have they considered what they will do with the old batteries since they will be hasardous waiaste
      Will the average family be able to replace the arteries every y1 years at over$10,000.. and where will the lithium comefrom

  3. I think we need more research on how families are supposed to afford the new electric that they have to install and what happens with the millions of electrified batteries. They need to be recycled and proof of this needs to be made to the American people.

  4. I think this plan to phase our gas burning vehicles is being instituted with little to no real thought about the consequences. They want to have all vehicles run with electricity? How is it that we have brown outs and black outs even now with enough people using their a/c in the hot weather? What will the strain of all the electric cars do to the grid? What will the strain of the cost of all this electricity do to everyone’s electric bill? We all know when these decisions are made, we…the people who don’t make those decisions…are the ones who pay for it. Shouldn’t we all have more to say about it? We are the people who elected these officials, and it seems that these days they do what they please, and not what the “people” want. I feel we are slowly losing our freedoms in this country and should be very careful who we put into office to “speak for us”, and I don’t think they are.

  5. An outgoing politician makes a law for people that just follows another state over the edge of reason ? Let’s hope our future generations know enough to throw this idea into the trash bin of history. Pure virtue signaling !

  6. Don’t believe this “zero emission” is about the health of the planet. This is another step toward government control of your daily lives. Building electric vehicles that will have kill switches when you are behind on your car payment or exercise your first amendment. Just say no

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