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Voyage to Bermuda With Norwegian Cruise Line


Imagine getting on a cruise that departs from the nearest city and whisks you away to the tropical paradise of Bermuda. With Norwegian Cruise Lines, it’s possible.

Homeport Cruising

The convenience of a home port cruise can’t be beat. Not only does it make starting and ending your trip easier, you barely have to think about traveling. The entire trip is just cruising – no messing around with flight plans or lengthy road trips. If you’re headed to Bermuda, Norwegian Cruise Line has ships departing from ports as close as New York City and Boston. So you can cruise straight to some of the greatest beaches in the world while enjoying all of Norwegian’s signature perks.

Experience Bermuda With Norwegian Cruise Line

Set sail to the pink sand beaches and floral-colored buildings of Bermuda.

Cruise Now

Explore Bermuda

Norwegian Cruise Line offers a variety of unique shore excursions for your Bermuda adventure. You can snorkel among shipwrecks and coral reefs, lounge on secluded beaches, take a trip on a glass bottom boat and visit historic locations all over the island.

The brave and adventurous can take a spooky evening cruise into the notorious Bermuda Triangle. You’ll hear ghost stories, tall tales and shipwreck legends as your boat travels deeper into the night. If you’d rather party without the ghosts, try a catamaran sunset sail complete with drinks, dancing and beautiful views.

Want to see even more of the island? Take an e-bike tour along a former railway route, enjoy a shopping and sightseeing excursion or hop on a West End Trolley Tour. There are so many ways to experience Bermuda, and a Norwegian Cruise Lines trip can help you see it all in style.

Have you ever been to Bermuda? Do you want to go? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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One Thought on “Voyage to Bermuda With Norwegian Cruise Line

  1. I visited Bermuda in 1985. It had been my mother’s life-long dream to go there. So, my father, my three sisters and I pooled our resources and surprised her with an all expenses paid trip (3nights/4 days) there with her 4 daughters. Unfortunately, I contracted strep throat before I got there, and spent the entire trip sick in bed because I had no idea what was wrong with me (had never had strep before). The pictures of my mother thoroughly enjoying herself during those four days are among my best memories of her. I would love to go back and see what she saw!

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