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5 Things to Know About Your AAA Crosswords

Challenge your friends, time yourself or get a hint (we won't tell). Increase your puzzle-solving fun with these tips.

aaa crosswords

1. Play with friends! With social distancing in full effect, crossword puzzles can bring you and your clan together again. Click the person plus icon on top left section of the tool bar and send the puzzle to your friends via email, text or Facebook.

aaa crossword
2. Adjust your settings. You have the option to play your favorite crossword with or without a timer. Click the settings button in the top right corner and choose the way you want to play!

aaa crosswords
3. Need help? You can reveal a letter, full word or the entire answer grid to help you make your way to completing the puzzle. Click the reveal button on the top right corner and choose the help you need.

aaa crossword
4. Check your errors. The best way to complete each puzzle is to make sure each answer is correct before moving onto the next clue. Click the settings button in the top right corner and turn error check mode on.

5. Once you complete the puzzle, share your results with family and friends via Twitter or Facebook.

Visit AAA.com/Games for more puzzles. Have fun! 


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