Cheap Home DIY Projects That Can Pay Off

Home projects don't need to cost a lot. There are plenty of great ideas out there on how to spruce up your space without hiring a professional.
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Consider these home DIY projects if you’re looking to save money and make a big difference on your living space.

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1. Build your own rustic mirror frame

One of the best home DIY projects to make your home look more unique is to create interesting mirror frames. We all have a bunch of mirrors around the house in the bedroom, bathroom and elsewhere, so pick one or two and add a new design element to it. One easy way to add to a circular mirror’s look is to make a sunburst frame around it using just wood shims and some glue.

If the mirror has an octagon shape, build a simple wooden frame around it to give it some personality. This can be accomplished using some repurposed wood and sawing the pieces to fit the shape of the mirror, then carving a groove on each piece so that mirror can slip inside. Finally, you can piece it all together with some wood glue and a pin nailer.

2. Build your own Victorian mirror frame

While wooden frames work great for a rustic theme, you can also use a charger plate for your mirror frame. These fancy plates work great for circular mirrors, and look wonderful for a more elegant, Victorian theme. All you need is an adhesive like hot glue to attach the mirror and you have a charming centerpiece for your bedroom or living room.

Installing vertical mirrors is another great home DIY project to make your bedroom or bathroom look a little fancier. You’ll want to build a framed mirror and paint the mirror the same color as your door, then install it on your closet or in your bathroom to add a nice elegant touch.

3. Add a frame to your TV

It’s not just mirrors that are great for framing. You can also frame your TV! A lot of people wouldn’t think of this, but it will add an extra element to your entertainment. If your home maintains a mostly rustic look, you can leave the wood unpainted, but usually it’s best to paint the frame to match the rest of your room. A prominent frame around your TV also helps to distract from any wires that might get in the way of your viewing experience.

home diy
Tackle these home DIY ideas to save money while improving your living space.

4. Set up a home DIY canopy bed

If you’d like to make your bedroom look a bit grander, one idea is to set up a DIY canopy bed. It’s easier than it sounds; all you have to do is use curtain rods to hang drapery from the ceiling. As long as you make sure the drapes have a similar aesthetic or pattern to your bed covers, this can make your bedroom look a lot more elegant and inviting. And while you’re at it, try using “balloon” drapery to decorate your windows. This just means hanging your drapes on a curved shower curtain to make your window look a bit bigger and more luxurious.

5. Build your own headboard

One of the best easy home DIY ideas for your bedroom is to make your own headboard for your bed. One great idea is to paint and polish up an old door. For a more pastoral look, put some old hardwood together. Another, simpler way to install a “headboard” is to hang some curtains from a curtain rod placed above your bed. Any of these ideas will make your bed and room more interesting and picturesque.

6. Home DIY project ideas for shelving

Of course, what would home DIY be without some shelving projects? If you want a really quick shelf that still looks great, rope shelving is a good choice. All you need to do is install two hooks and tie some strong rope to your painted shelf and you’re good to go.

Frame shelves are another modern home DIY approach to store small items on the wall. All you need to do is attach a wooden rectangle to the back of an old small mirror or art frame and attach it to the wall. You can use these small shelves to show off some unique décor or to showcase a special collection of books.

7. Build a home DIY nightstand

Want a unique looking nightstand? One clever option is to cut an old table you don’t use anymore in half, paint over it with a new color, and attach it to the wall. This two-legged nightstand will look great next your bed!

These fun home DIY ideas are sure to keep you busy and give your home a fresh look. Have a great DIY idea of your own? Share in the comments!

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