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Editors’ Picks: Quarantine Edition

editors picks

Like most everyone else around the globe, the editors at AAA Northeast have been stuck in the house for the past few weeksAnd like most everyone else, we’re watching all the things, reading all the books and eating all the snacks. (Are Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Cadbury Mini Eggs acceptable brunch items? Asking for a friend.) 

Here’s just a little of what we’ve been binge-watching, reading and listening to during our time spent indoors. Hopefully it will inspire you to learn something new or have a much-needed laugh. Or at the very least, to try out a new snack food.  

Kristen Griffie, senior social media specialist 

I signed up for a free class from Yale on Coursera called The Science of Well-Being. Coursera also offers a bunch of other free classes, degrees and certificates. I’ve also heard great things about MasterClass.  

My favorite thing on Instagram this weekend was people bringing out their old games, like Girl Talk, LiteBrite, Dream Phone, etc. 

The Beatles – Apple Rooftop Concert (1969) Full Video – YouTube from Roger Jr Dunn on Vimeo.

Andrew Sheldon, content producer       

What he’s watching: “The Outsider,” HBO“Ugly Delicious” and “Nailed It!,” Netflix  

What he’s reading: “Winners Take All,” Anand Giridharadas  

What he’s listening to: The Beatles. Watching people play music outdoors reminded me of their rooftop concert, so I’ve been playing them on repeat. Not original, but never gets old. 


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It’s delicious! ???? Ugly Delicious Season 2 is *now streaming* only on Netflix

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Marisa Perjatel, digital editor  

My 5-month-old puppy Koba is more than enough to keep me busy, on my toes and smiling. I could watch her puppy antics all day! 

I know I’m late, but I’m just watching “Breaking Bad now. It does live up to the hype. Almost done! Also on Netflix, I love watching chef David Chang serve realness on Ugly Delicious. And if you like Halloween, inappropriate Muppets, dark humor and amazingly intricate crafts and confections, The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell” has it all; unfortunately, the series only lasted for one season but it’s still streaming, and McConnell continues to deliver new content on her YouTube channel. 

I’m trying to be smart about what I’m cooking every night – health, money and supplies-wise (I just wrote a post about this.) Some standouts so far are this brothy pasta and chickpeas dish, which was filling and even better for lunch the next day, and classic beef bourguignon for my husband’s birthday. 

Walks around my neighborhood help me to stay active and recharged. I’ve also started some projects to keep my mind and hands busy; right now I’m refinishing a vintage tea cart that I plan to put in my dining room. 

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Jerry Ascierto, managing editor  

What I’m listening to this week: 

Odetta at Carnegie Hall
This 1960 live album showcases the extraordinary voice and ingenuity of one of folk’s great unsung artists. Odetta’s operatic training mixed with folk’s earthiness produced something wholly unique, a soaring sound guided by her understated guitar playing and the fluid bass of Bill Lee (Spike’s dad). Odetta more than lives up to her mantle, “voice of the civil rights movement” here, with a haunting version of “No More Auction Block” and a powerful “Meeting at the Building,” while her delicate reinterpretation of standards like “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child” lends new depth to the classics.

Dr. John’s Gumbo
Dr. John
Very few albums manage the feat of being solid throughout – where every song’s a winner, not a weak one in the bunch. But Dr. John’s Gumbo” pulls off just that. Released in 1972, the album is a tight set that celebrates the music of New Orleans with joyous abandon. Dr. Johns run through of bayou classics such as “Iko Iko” and “Big Chief” are as joyful as Mardi Gras, and his piano playing is as fire-breathing as a voodoo ritual. A love letter to his hometown, this album is a great introduction to the music of New Orleans and to the good doctor himself.

“Kiss Each Other Clean”
Iron & Wine
Iron & Wine’s early indie-folk success with songs like “Naked as We Came” took a sharp stylistic turn with 2007s “The Shepherd’s Dog,” an electrified set by a full band and richer production sound. “Kiss Each Other Clean” builds on that turn toward smart pop, but with unexpected instrumentation at every turn. The production and arrangements surprise as much as the lyrics themselves, an almost avant-garde dress on Sam Beam’s soulful lyrics. Standouts include “Walking Far From Home,” “Monkeys Uptown” and “Rabbit Will Run.” 

Sierra Barter, social media manager 

bingewatched The Morning Show (SO GOOD), take daily walks in the park with our dogs, make good use of my Peloton and make sure to FaceTime daily with friends and family!  

Dana Laverty, travel and copy editor  

I read Philip K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?,” the book that formed the basis of Blade Runner,” and then (finally) watched the classic 1982 film. It was amazing, but then again, I’m a huge fan of both Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer (RIP).   

Now I’m rereading Flu: The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and the Search for the Virus That Caused It because we need to learn from history and all that, right? 

I’m also listening to NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, which has been expanded to two shows on Saturday. I need the laughs, and Peter Sagal & Co. always deliver! 

My daughter and I are trying to take daily walks around the neighborhood and at the Cumberland Monastery. I may try some different workout classes, too. So many instructors/studios are offering free ones online. I belong to the exercise streaming service Obé, and I’ve been aiming for at least four workouts a week. Id love to try a Pound class. My daughter does have drumsticks … 

I’m trying to introduce my daughter to some music that I like. Besides The Killers, I haven’t been successful.

What have you been up to these days? Got any good TV show, music, podcast or book recommendations? Share them in the comments. 


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