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How AAA Keeps Your Member Information Safe

how to keep member information safe - digital lock

In today’s digital world, the most valuable currency is information. It’s easier than ever for identity thieves to hack, phish and social-engineer their way into your private accounts, right from the comfort of home. All they need is a crack in the system, a gap in a profile, a proverbial blank check to cash. A blank check is dangerous precisely because of the lack of information written on it. It lets thieves fill in the blanks with whatever they want. The same goes for hackers and would-be identity thieves: they are looking for the Swiss cheese holes in your accounts that they can exploit.

To some, it might seem counter-intuitive to combat identity thieves and social engineers with more information, but that is exactly what it takes to stop them in their tracks. If AAA already has your information, it makes it harder for social engineers to impersonate you and access your Membership. In maintaining and protecting your information, AAA can also protect your safety, security and peace of mind. AAA does this with our Member Identity Security Protocol, which gathers, verifies and protects your data, such as email, date of birth and phone number. AAA protects your private information by confirming your identity with each call, transaction or branch visit. With each of these transactions, AAA Counselors will always ask for your email, date of birth and phone number to both confirm and protect your identity. This in turn protects your Membership from misuse, such as theft and unauthorized use of tows.

The most effective way to be proactive in keeping your Membership safe is by providing your information when you join AAA, when you have a transaction with a AAA Counselor, or by registering your account on AAA.com. This will allow Counselors to confirm your identity during future transactions.

Cyber-crime damage costs are projected to hit $6 trillion by 2021. To protect our members’ data, we utilize strong controls such as password protection, anti-virus protection, limited remote access, encryption and tokenized credit card data. Our staff network security engineers monitor our systems closely, safeguarding your private information, and AAA will never provide your information to third parties. Just as you trust us to protect you on the road; you can trust AAA to protect you on the information super-highway.

To find out more about how your information is being used to bring you better service and keep your account secure, visit AAA.com/Membership

To learn about how to protect yourself from identity theft, click here.


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