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The Best Wearable Technology Products You’ll Want to Try

best wearable - checking your smart watch

Technology has gone from the simple ease and convenience of calling (or texting) a loved one, to tracking our steps and vitals with “smart” fabrics, shoes and watches. While the potential of wearable technology is high, especially in medical, sports technology and science fields, not everyone is interested in becoming a walking diagnostics test. So, if you’re over the Fitbits and the fitness trackers, but still enjoy the novelty and fun of cool technology, check out this list of useful, non-sports related gadgets.

Here is some of the best wearable tech available now and coming soon! 

The best wearable tech out there … or coming soon


If you’ve ever found yourself hunched over the side of a boat, miles-high and completely nauseous or in the back seat of a friend’s car ready to hurl, then you understand the struggle of motion sickness. While the Reliefband technically isn’t a “natural” solution, it is a solution that allows you to handle motion sickness sans drugs. By stimulating the median nerve located under the wrist, the Neurowave bracelet claims to cure nausea by restoring a normal gastric rhythm in a process is known as neuromodulation. Confused? Don’t worry. We didn’t get it either. Just know that the Neurowave bracelet, according to its makers, can help pregnant women with morning sickness, as well as those who like to sail, dabble in VR gaming and other “unbalancing” activities.

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Staying safe no matter where you are was a lot harder before wearable technology. While many companies are exploring the medical applications of wearable technology, others are tapping into more immediate concerns, like personal safety. With this device, help can be on the way at the touch of a button. Athena, which is a wearable button with a magnetic clasp, works in conjunction with the ROAR app to “connect with loved ones when you need them most.” Simply clip the device onto purses, backpacks, or other carriers, and press the recessed button during an emergency to share your location with your entire network. It’s perfect for city dwellers who constantly find themselves walking around late at night, individuals who live alone, adults, teenagers, men, women and anyone who wants to enjoy some extra peace of mind.


While this wearable technology does have some practical uses, it’s also just plain cool. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a secret agent, here’s your chance. Sgnl allows users to make phone calls by pressing a finger against their ear. Yes, you read that correctly – simply press your finger to your ear. The device uses a smart strap that is worn around your wrist and utilizes body conduction to transmit a voice signal, received via Bluetooth from your smartphone. We’re not sure about the logistics here, but we do know this: You can receive calls without having to pull out your phone or mess with a headset. 007 anyone?

best wearable
Wearable tech can help you overcome motion sickness, stay safe, and tune out the everyday world.

Nuheara IQbuds

It’s time to drown out the noise – literally. Using noise-canceling technology, Nuheara’s IQbuds allows users to improve their hearing in noisy settings, like crowded city streets and industrial work sites. The device uses multiple integrated microphones, which makes it easy for the wearer to focus on conversations instead of the surrounding noise. It’s almost like having superhuman hearing. And of course, what good is tech if it’s not multifunctional? The IQBuds can also be used as wireless Bluetooth headphones, allowing users to handle phone calls or listen to music without any added distraction.

The role that technology plays in our lives is constantly evolving, and rapidly too. Thirty years ago, no one expected the automotive industry to have a breakthrough on the technology of self-driving cars. And no one imagined that a pair of pajamas would use Far Infrared technology to help your body heal and recover as you sleep. Yet, these things are very real. And those science fiction movies where humans and technology are just a little too “connected” don’t seem so far-fetched anymore.

What are some of the best wearable tech and gadgets you enjoy on a daily basis? Let us know in the comments below!


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