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Auto Loan Payment Calculator


Shopping for car loans doesn’t tend to bring about the same joy as shopping for new cars. But finding the right loan is the first step to getting behind the wheel of the right car. After all, it’s likely the only way to know which vehicle you can afford. But how do you know which car fits into your budget?

Trying to calculate your monthly auto loan payment can be confusing when you’re forced to consider down payments, interest rates, trade-in value and term lengths. You don’t want to be at the dealership, completely unaware of what your monthly payment should be. This is an easy way to be locked into an auto loan that may not be the best loan available to you.

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But don’t worry. As always, AAA is here to help! The auto loan payment calculator below can provide you with the estimated monthly payments of a new loan. Just plug in the amount of the loan you’re looking for, interest rate and term length. The auto loan payment calculator allows you to see the affect of changing the loan length and/or interest rate on your monthly payment.

This isn’t just for first-time loan shoppers, either. Those looking to refinance their current loan can also use this tool. Often, customers can save at least a few dollars on their monthly payments by refinancing. This may not sound like a lot, but over the course of the loan can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings.

Use our auto loan calculator to calculate terms of a new loan or to see if refinancing your current loan can save you money.

Note: Auto loan calculator results are an estimate. Actual loan rates vary due to a variety of individual factors, such as credit score, income and vehicle condition.

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