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The 5 Most Common Holiday Insurance Claims

common christmas insurance claims

The holiday season is a time for joy, celebration and spending quality time together. But amidst the heartwarming festivities, there’s potential for unexpected mishaps to bring your good cheer to an abrupt halt. From decorations gone awry to winter weather woes, here are five of the most common holiday insurance claims.

Home Accidents and Fires

The twinkling lights and cozy candles that bring so much joy during Christmastime can also pose a potentially dangerous fire hazard. Christmas tree-related fires, faulty holiday lights and unattended candles are common culprits of holiday home fires that necessitate insurance.

Safety measures you can take to avoid such an event include keeping your Christmas tree watered daily to prevent drying, ensuring all string lights and other electronic decorations have new batteries/are working properly and never leaving lit candles unattended.

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Burglaries and Thefts

The festive season is unfortunately also prime time for burglaries and thefts. In the past three months alone, 17% of Americans have experienced a package being stolen, and it’s more than likely that number will increase during the holidays with many families traveling to visit relatives or going on vacation.

To avoid having to file a claim for stolen possessions, invest in a reliable security system, use smart locks and join a neighborhood app like Nextdoor to keep an eye on thefts in your area.

driving a rental in winter

Car Collisions

The hustle and bustle of holiday shopping combined with dangerous winter weather conditions make this time of year rife with the potential for car accidents. Slippery roads, distracted drivers and the rush to check everything off your list (and overall stress) can all increase the risk of fender benders and more serious accidents. It’s no surprise that auto insurance claims spike during this time – which could lead to a hefty rate increase if you don’t have the right coverage.

This holiday season, get to know the importance of defensive driving, schedule regular vehicle maintenance and make sure your current insurance policy can handle potential damages in the event of an accident.

Weather-Related Damages

Winter storms have a habit of ravaging the Northeast, and homeowners are often faced with damage to their property as a result. From frozen pipes bursting to roof leaks caused by heavy snowfall and flooding, insurance claims are filed for all kinds of incidents during the holiday season. Taking preventive measures such as winterizing your home and maintaining proper insulation can minimize the risk of weather-related insurance claims and keep your spirits bright.

Accidents at Holiday Gatherings

Celebratory gatherings with family and friends are a hallmark of the Christmas season, but they can also sometimes lead to accidents and injuries. Slip and falls inside or outside the home, kitchen mishaps and alcohol-related accidents are common during holiday parties and events, and you may find yourself filing liability claims to cover medical expenses and potential legal costs that arise. When hosting this year, make sure to create safe gatherings in addition to having adequate liability coverage so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered in the event of an accident.

While the holiday season is a joyful time, it’s crucial to be mindful of potential risks and take proactive measures to protect against unforeseen events. By staying vigilant and reviewing your insurance policies, you can enjoy a safe and merry holiday season.

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