jobs that require travel

5 Jobs That Require Travel

Deciding to become a world traveler can be an exciting goal, but how will you finance your trip? If you’re independently wealthy, nothing stands in your way. For the rest of us, it’s a little more complicated. While you can spend years saving to finance your adventure, there is another option: Make an adventurous career choice that allows you to travel while you work! If this sounds like a plan, take a look at these travel-friendly jobs.

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1. Freelance writer or photographer

Create your own travel-friendly career by starting a business as a freelancer. You won’t have one employer or a regular paycheck, but you’ll be free to sell your work to the highest bidder. Set your own schedule, travel to wherever the action is hot, and create material that will have the unlucky masses living vicariously through you. This plan can even make your travel expenses tax deductible! (Check with your accountant first.)

2. Become a traveling nurse

When it comes to jobs that require travel, none might be in more demand than nurses. Whether you find a position in the United States or answer the call of countries in need, you can work as a nurse virtually anywhere. They’re generally hired for 13-week periods, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore an area – and a fairly short commitment if you decide the location is not for you.

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jobs that require travel

3. Cruise the world

Because cruise ships are practically self-contained little worlds, the staff includes everything from dishwashers to activity directors. If you don’t have any special training, this could be one of the best opportunities for world travel while you hold down a full-time job! Expect long days, but your room and board will likely be provided, in addition to a paycheck. Cruise ship employees can often explore each port of call during their off-time, and still enjoy a day or two at home now and then. Learn more about cruise ship jobs.

4. Teach English-language skills

If you can speak English, you already have a valuable skill. Throw in a little teaching ability and a second language, and your work-as-you-go travel plan is set! Whether you want to visit Europe, Asia or South America, you can teach English while you’re there.

5. Go where the tourists go

Travel from country-to-country during peak tourism season(s). Not only will these areas likely need extra help, but they’ll also value the fact that English is your native language. It’s well-known that inexperienced travelers who don’t speak the language are more comfortable when they hear their mother tongue. Whether the visitor is from North America, Australia or Europe, they’ll be more comfortable with someone who is providing information they can easily understand.

These jobs that require travel prove that work and travel can mix together after all! As you travel the world and discover a variety of cultures, you’ll become a richer person in ways that money could never buy.

Do you travel for work? Tell us about the places your job has taken you in the comments. 

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