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Experience the Northern Lights of Finland


One dynamic experience follows another on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure through Finland, a stunning country of northern Europe.

Besides delicious fare and fascinating wildlife, travelers journey to Finland in search of the magical but elusive northern lights. Well worth the pursuit, this is a truly remarkable light show that’s not to be missed.

From late August to April, the Finnish Lapland is one of the best places to see this natural phenomenon. From there, it can be visible on roughly 200 nights per year as long as the weather is clear. You can even enjoy the show from the comfort of a glass igloo under the stars or even a luxury suite.

You’ll be too fascinated to sleep, but you can do that another night – this is too magnificent to miss for even a second. 

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Unique Lodging Experiences That Can Only Be Had in Finland

There’s no better place to get a good look at the Aurora Borealis than from the comfort of your own glass igloo or cozy log cabin out in the rugged wilderness of Lapland, Finland.  

There, at the world-renowned Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, you’ll enjoy the comfort of your accommodations surrounded by nature, while also having fun doing charming activities like:  

  • Mushing to breakfast in a Finnish sleigh 
  • Learning the origins of Santa Claus and visiting his home  
  • Exploring a reindeer farm and meeting the Finnish reindeer 
  • Sipping warm berry juice on a sleigh ride through the unspoiled wilderness 
  • Leading your own team dog sled team

Reindeer, Sled Dogs and Santa Claus! 

Many people say that visiting the Finnish Lapland is like having Christmas every day. There, you’ll find reindeer a-plenty, take in lots of snowy landscapes and even get a chance to visit Santa Claus at his house! It’s the stuff of childhood fantasy, for sure, but there are a few more reasons to put Lapland on your travel wish list. 

Take advantage of this winter-scape and imagine yourself leading a team of magnificent huskies through the white-blanketed wilderness. It’s just you, your expert guide, the still, silent landscape, and a team of smart, enthusiastic dogs who were born to dash through the snow. 

Hold on tight, feel the clean air in your lungs, and listen to the rhythmic galloping of husky paws as you glide through the arctic wild. There’s no feeling quite like it in the world. All possible when you visit Finland.

There is Always More to Explore

The dazzling northern lights and winter resorts are just the tip of the iceberg. Here is just a taste of what you can expect to see during your trip:


The reindeer in Lapland outnumber the people, but that’s not all the wildlife you’ll see. Find bears, wolves and wolverines as well as working sled dogs who were originally imported from Siberia to pull sleds ages ago, but now delight in showing tourists how it’s done. 


Saunas hold a very special place in the Finnish Lapland. They’re known for being extremely hot and can last for hours. The locals like to relax there and soak in the glorious warmth.  

Helsinski and Rovaniemi

Tour Helsinki alongside a local expert and indulge in Finnish cuisine at Helsinki’s local restaurants.

The city of Rovaniemi serves as a gateway to this region and is an urban setting bustling with activity and modern buildings. It’s also the hometown of Santa Claus! 

Sami Culture 

One of the few European countries that still has a thriving indigenous community, Finland’s Sami have their own fascinating language, culture, customs and costumes. 

The winter adventure of your wildest dreams awaits – plan it with AAA Travel. Find your AAA Travel Advisor here.


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