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How to Make the Most of a Budget Hotel Stay

budget hotel stay

Want to take a vacation without breaking the bank? You don’t have to forgo style and comfort just because you’re traveling on a budget. Here’s how you can create a fulfilling experience without the price tag.

Bring Your Own Luxury

Many of the comforts at pricey hotels are things you can bring from home – for a lot cheaper.

A silk pillowcase (or even your own pillow) can make all the difference in a good night’s sleep. A plush bathrobe can also add the feeling of luxury. Bring along a basket of upscale toiletries to turn the bathroom into your personal spa.

Freshen up your hotel room with scent sprays or melts. Try to steer clear of scented candles, for fire safety reasons. You could even bring along an air purifier if it fits in your luggage.

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Accentuate the Positive

If you want to upgrade your experience even more, be polite to the hotel staff. They might be able to help make your stay even better.

If your room has undesirable qualities, like a view of the parking lot or noisy neighbors, you can ask for a change. A room on the top floor will most likely be quieter and less likely to be overshadowed by nearby buildings. While employees will not always be able to accommodate you, they’re more likely to try their best if you ask nicely. If it’s possible, try requesting a room with your preferred view when you make the reservation.

You can also ask the employees for their opinions on what local attractions or restaurants you should visit.

Utilize the Amenities

If there’s a pool in your hotel, remember to bring a bathing suit. Using the amenities that are offered in the hotel will make it feel like a special experience, no matter why you’re staying there. Most hotels, even budget hotels, will include a pool and even a small gym. You’re paying for them, so use them! Don’t forgo the continental breakfast, either. It might not be room service, but who doesn’t enjoy a free breakfast?

Choose the Right Hotel

Not all budget hotels are created equal. Finding a quality budget hotel can make a big difference in your hotel stay, and you don’t need to spend more money to do so. AAA members can enjoy 10% or more off a stay at Wyndham Hotels and Resorts – and that includes a series of safe, clean and affordable hotels.

Microtel offers simple, modern rooms aimed at vacationers and business travelers alike.

Hotels like Howard Johnson and Days Inn are focused on convenience, comfortable amenities and friendly service in a family-style environment.

Super 8 is a great choice for road trippers who need some rest and relaxation for heading back out on the road.

Travelodge is tailored to travelers who are looking for somewhere to crash between their many adventures, from exploring national parks to hitting the beach.

How do you make the most of your budget hotel stays? Share you tips in the comments below. 


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3 Thoughts on “How to Make the Most of a Budget Hotel Stay

  1. Please do NOT bring items to scent the room. Scents do linger and can induce migraines and/or breathing problems in the next guest who uses the room.

  2. So true about requesting your view or upper floor, etc. My hotel member website (& probably others) allow you to enter special requests while reserving, and I found that an additional early, very polite, phone call directly to the location helps assure they’ll do all they can to comply.

  3. Oh, please, please, please do NOT bring your own “scent sprays or melts”! 🙅‍♀️ A scent you might enjoy might be nauseating to someone else and some people are very sensitive to scents and need a scent-free environment to avoid getting a migraine or having some other issue.

    If your room smells bad, then ask management to switch or clean your room, but, otherwise, please don’t try to alter it’s smell by layering on some kind of add-on scent. If you want to treat yourself to a scent, dab a scented oil on your temples or wrists or use scented hand lotion or something. Don’t use something that’s likely to be around for the next person staying in the room! 🙏

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