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Onward Has Always Been the AAA Way


Even before there was Ford Motor Company and General Motors, both established in 1908, there was AAA.

And before AAA, there was AAA Northeast – if you consider your club the sum of its parts.

In 1902, when there was still more than 30 times the number of horses in the U.S. compared to the number of cars, there were already 50 small motor clubs. In March of that year, nine of those clubs got together to establish the American Automobile Association.


Among the original AAA clubs were Automobile Club of America (founded in New York City, 1899); New Jersey Automobile Club (1900); Long Island Automobile Club (1900); Rhode Island Automobile Club (1900); and Automobile Club of Utica (1901).


Over the next 100 years, AAA Northeast came into being through various mergers that brought together the strengths of those original clubs.

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