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How to Pack a Box Like a Pro

packing a box like a pro

If you’re moving or planning some cleaning or remodeling this spring, you’ll probably be packing a lot of boxes. Keep in mind these tips from moving experts.

The Best Containers

Boxes and cartons designed specifically for moving can help prevent damage to your items and make packing easier.

  • Wardrobe boxes are large cardboard containers with a bar across the top for hanging clothing. Move clothes from the closet to the box while still on the hanger and put them back just as easily.
  • Mirror boxes are slim and rectangular – specifically sized to cushion glass and paintings.
  • Small, sturdy boxes that are easy to lift and carry are designed for holding heavy items like books and dishes.

The Best Process

  • Secure fragile items using unprinted paper. Before placing wrapped items in a box, pad the bottom with a stack of wadded paper. Fill gaps with towels, clothing or bubble wrap.
  • First, pack by room (all the kitchen items together) then, by items (dishes in one box, etc.). Place the heaviest things at the bottom.
  • Uh-oh. You’re all packed, but now you need something. Label each box by room and what’s inside.

What are your tips for mastering the art of packing boxes? Let us know in the comments below!

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