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What’s New in Interior Design: The 1970s

now and then green interiors

Picture it: You come home to find Dad watching TV in the living room, flipping between “MASH” and the latest Watergate report on the evening news. You hear the soulful sound of Marvin Gaye on the radio and follow it to find Mom making Jiffy Pop in her avocado-green kitchen, counters and appliances alike splashed with the color.

Yellow-green, olive, avocado. No matter what you called it, or what other earthy tones it was paired with, the 1970s interior design trend was pervasive and, by today’s standards, downright ugly.

But fear not, fans of green, because 2018 has brought the color back in a new way.

According to the “Pinterest 100: The Top Trends to Try in 2018” list, sage is the new neutral in interior design. Sage, a blend of olive and slate, is more muted than its ’70s counterpart, and more often used as an accent color than a theme.

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Even avocado green has been given a second chance. Rather than pairing it with orange or gold, the bold choices of the ’70s, the color is paired with neutrals like white, cream, brown or gray.

The common denominator is subtlety. Gone are the days of asparagus-green kitchens and bathrooms and green shag carpets. Rather, think sage accent walls and avocado green pillows.

What do you remember about the 1970s? Are you excited to see the green trend revived? Tell us in the comments below!

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