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Should I Drop My Collision Coverage?

Should I ever consider dropping collision coverage from my auto insurance?

Q. Should I ever consider dropping collision coverage from my auto insurance?

A. Collision coverage can be a valuable component of an auto insurance policy. Unlike liability coverage, which helps cover damage to other people and property when you’re at fault in a crash, collision coverage helps pay to have your car repaired if it strikes another vehicle or object.

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If you’re thinking about dropping collision coverage, consider the value of your car versus the cost of the coverage. A car’s value depreciates as it ages and accumulates miles, so there’s typically a point where the premium cost of collision coverage and its deductible can approach or exceed the cash value of a vehicle.

Many drivers weigh this value proposition regularly when their vehicles are 10 or more years old.

– Jodi DeSantis, director of insurance sales, AAA Northeast

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