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Are You Ready for the Solar Eclipse?

Keep your eyes (safely) on the sky! Find out where you need to be and what you need to do to catch the total eclipse on April 8.

man driving a car

Rent a Car for an Extended Test Drive

Before purchasing your next car, think about renting it first.

driving a rental in winter

How to Safely Drive a Rental Car in Winter

Driving an unfamiliar rental car can make navigating winter weather even more difficult. Remember these tips for a safer, less stressful trip.

Identity Theft Scams to Keep an Eye On

Identity Theft Scams to Keep an Eye On

Consumers can protect themselves from scams by securing personal information and staying up to date on the latest fraud tactics.

cheapest evs

The Cheapest EVs of 2024

Buying an electric vehicle doesn’t need to break the bank. The eight cheapest EVs of 2024 start at $27,000.

windshield wipers in snow

Should You Leave Your Windshield Wipers Up in the Snow?

What do you do with your windshield wipers when you hear that snow is on the way? Do you leave them up or flat against the windshield?

winter sports

Crossword: Winter Sports

Happiness is the first snowfall! These winter sports and activities will have you hoping for a snow day.

AAA’s 2023 Holiday Travel Forecast

As the year winds down, traffic is winding up. If you’re traveling this holiday season, here’s what you need to know.

amazon black friday

Irresistible Black Friday Deals on Amazon

Black Friday deals are coming in hot! Don’t miss the discounts on this year’s most popular gifts.

holiday baking

Cookie Time! Hot Holiday Baking Products

Holiday baking beckons: Are you ready to bake up your family’s favorites? Come see the season’s hottest baking supplies.

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