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speed limit

Raising the Speed Limit May Raise Risks

AAA research reveals the importance of considering the needs of all road users before changing speed limits.

best water parks in the northeast

10 Primo Water Parks in the Northeast

Can’t take the heat? Cool down on the hottest days of summer with water slides and lazy rivers.

safe driving

Stay Safe With Summer Driving Safety Tips From AAA

Drive smart while enjoying all the road trips and weekend adventures in store this season.

free summer activities

Free Summer Activities in Boston and New York

When adding up all the fun you’ll have this summer, spending a lot of money doesn’t have to be part of the equation.

road trip

Kriss Kross: Road Trips

Summertime is all about wanderlust and highway dust. It’s road trip season! See how many road trip words you can fill in.

ev payload

EVs: The Heavier the Load, the Shorter the Trip

AAA research reveals Ford F-150 Lightning range falls with heavy loads.

how much does a road trip cost

How Much Does a Road Trip Cost?

How much you spend on a road trip depends on where you’re going, where you plan to stay and what you’ll be driving.

Pride flags - pride parade

Upcoming Pride Parades and Events in the Northeast

Find upcoming Pride celebrations near you.

rental car prices

Understanding the Car Rental Reservation Process

Got a bad case of availability anxiety? Hertz can help.

new jersey beaches. Atlantic City.

Top 10 New Jersey Beaches

No matter what kind of shore retreat you seek, you’re sure to find the best New Jersey beach for you and your family on our list.