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6 Exciting Water Excursions in Bimini, Bahamas

bimini water excursions

Only 50 miles from Miami, Bimini’s white sand beaches lead water enthusiasts to the main action. Beyond the shoreline, there are preserved coral reefs, groups of tropical fish and underwater attractions including a shipwreck artifact to explore on a breathtaking snorkeling excursion.

For even more adventure, take a personal watercraft on the ocean, observe marine life through a glass-bottom kayak or find out why Bimini is the sport fishing capital of the world.

Take a Jet Ski Tour

For a high-speed sightseeing adventure, skim across the waves on a jet ski. Look back at white sand beaches while you head off for an exhilarating trip to more remote areas. On a one-hour guided tour led by local professionals, you won’t miss any of the gorgeous sights on the outskirts of the island. Plus, you’ll be guided to a private sand bar that’s only accessible by jet ski for a delicious drink while you relax in a secluded spot, making it the perfect adventure for couples.

bimini water excursions

Snorkel Around a Historic Shipwreck

The islands of the Bahamas are home to a number of historic shipwrecks, and the crystal-clear waters around Bimini allow snorkelers to explore the S.S. Sapona among others. Plan your excursion with Bimini Undersea, the water sports center located at Resorts World Bimini, where you can book undersea and water sports activities and acquire the necessary equipment.

About 80 years ago, the S.S. Sapona ran aground during a storm, ending its storied past of rum running during Prohibition. Now snorkelers can explore the ship’s skeleton with the whole family. Since the ship sits in only 15 feet of water, it’s a shallow site where children can become familiar with the sport of snorkeling. Book double site snorkeling to encounter reef sharks, turtles and schools of brightly colored tropical fish after you experience the shipwreck.

Getaway. Hideaway. Play Away…Every Day!

Resorts World Bimini is 750 acres of pristine Bahamas beachfront and turquoise waters. Easily accessible from Miami and Fort Lauderdale, it is the perfect midweek getaway.

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Discover World-Famous Fishing

With its tropical north-flowing current, Bimini is one of the world’s top fishing destinations. Plenty of record-setting big game fish like tuna, swordfish, wahoo and marlin have been reeled in by fishermen from around the world. Charter a six-passenger boat complete with all necessary gear and bait for the ultimate experience.

Since Bimini sits on westernmost edge of the Bahamas and the edge of the Gulf Stream, the warm waters surrounding the island are great for fishing any time of year. If you’re new to the sport, the abundance of fish makes it a great place to learn. You might even catch a fishing tournament while you’re there.

bimini water excursions

Rent a Glass-Bottom Kayak

Jump in a kayak to paddle along Paradise Beach or seek out the bird species that make their home in the red mangroves of Bimini’s natural bays. In a glass-bottom model, you don’t even have to pop out for a swim to see the kaleidoscopic colors below the surface.  Coral reefs, tropical fish and other marine life are visible below. Whether you opt to explore the island independently or sign up for a guided tour, the calm water conditions make Bimini an ideal spot for kayaking with groups of all ages.

Relax in a Water Hammock

Even the most adventurous traveler needs a few moments to rest and recharge. An ocean water hammock may be the most luxurious way to get ready for your next activity. After observing all the activity below the surface of the Caribbean, take a few moments to lay back and enjoy the breezes as you float along the surface.The calm waters are the perfect spot to look back at the white sand beaches and begin planning your next excursion.

bimini water excursions

Dive Into an Underwater Oasis

With diverse marine life, a magnificent preserve of coral reefs and haunting sites, Bimini offers a colorful playground for novice and experienced divers. Plan to explore Bimini Road, which some believe is a relic of the lost ancient city of Atlantis. The orderly arrangement of underwater stone steps measures fifteen hundred feet in length. You’ll also find sunken Spanish galleons and the Hesperus, a shallow dive site known as “Turtle Wreck” for the loggerhead turtles that gather there at night.

Other mysterious areas to explore are natural formations including large underwater sinkholes and sea caverns. Openings in the popcorn shaped coral of the Little Caverns reef zone are filled with marine life, but you might be distracted by the bright yellow fins of the queen angelfish that swim past. On a diving excursion you also might encounter dolphins and plenty of loggerhead turtles.

Discover a treasure trove of excitement at Resorts World Bimini where you can book these activities and experience all the island has to offer.


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