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Your house is most likely the biggest investment you’re ever going to make. And along with the house comes the mortgage. At Your AAA, you can find helpful information about mortgages and home-owning.

Check out our article on FHA loans, one of the most popular home financing options. FHA Loans can make homebuying easier for buyers and safer for lenders. An FHA loan, or a Federal Housing Administration loan, can be a great choice for many families who plan to buy a home. You can also find information on more standard loans, if those make more sense for you and your family.

How to Manage Your Money

For the best tips on insurance, credit cards and savings, get your free AAA guide to managing your money.

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If you’re just starting your mortgage journey by buying a home, check out our first-time homebuyer’s guide. You’ll learn how to choose a buyer’s agent, how to work with a mortgage lender, how to choose the perfect location and more.

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Retirement fantasies often involve world travel or golf somewhere warm. Unfortunately, as you approach retirement age, you may be less concerned with the fun stuff and more worried about how to  

Explaining Mortgage Insurance

Q. Can you explain mortgage insurance? A. Mortgage insurance, sometimes referred to as private mortgage insurance or PMI, protects lenders against borrowers who default on their loans. Any borrower who puts down  
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