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Home Organizers to Keep Your Life in Order


It’s spring cleaning season, and people are getting inspired to tackle organization projects they’ve been putting off since last year. Here are three projects you can tackle in an afternoon and the best home organizers to help.

Before Organizing Anything, Do This First

Take everything out. Yes, everything! You need to be able to view the entire space you’re organizing before putting items back.

Wipe it down. Use antibacterial multipurpose surface spray, a dusting cloth and a mini-vac to wipe down shelves, vacuum up dust bunnies and leave the space sparkly clean.

Ask whether you really need it. Ask yourself: Do I need this? Is it expired? Is this the best place for this? Grab trash bags and start piles for keeping, donating and garbage. If you are having a hard time deciding what stays and what goes, a good rule of thumb is to let go of anything you haven’t used in a year.

Under the Kitchen Sink

Let’s face it – this area is never pretty. But by using acrylic drawers to organize sponges, dishwasher tabs and dusting clothes, and using a tension rod to hang spray bottles, it can look a lot better. Use this caddy for your go-to cleaning supplies and contact paper for the bottom of the cabinet. Paint pens also let you easily label drawers. Clear bins and drawers are key to keep stock of what’s inside!

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Linen Closet

Linen closets are often jam packed with towels, sheets, medicine, extra toiletries and more. Sort through to make sure that everything in the closet is something you use or need.

In the winter months, move your beach towels to storage or a higher shelf. Use a Lazy Susan to easily view medicines (make sure to safely toss any past their expiration date). Wicker bins with chalkboard bin labels easily hold pillowcases, duvets and towels. A shoe organizer is a crafty and compact way to store rolled sheets.

Extra or out-of-season comforters and pillows take up a lot of room. If you can, store them in clear, airtight bins or vacuum storage bags elsewhere to save up limited linen closet space.

You can donate old towels and sheets to animal shelters and unopened toiletries to homeless shelters.

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In your pantry, make sure to go through everything and toss anything that’s expired, stale or just-about gone (no one is going to use those nine chocolate chips left in the bag). You can use POP containers to keep your baking supplies fresh and visible, using paint pens to write the ingredient name and expiration date. Lazy Susans are great for spices and cooking sprays. Maximize the door space with shelves for canned goods and storage bags. Keep items separated by type (pasta, baking mixes, snacks, etc.) with clear containers and store potatoes and onions in cute metal baskets.

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So, are you ready to start organizing? Share your favorite tips and home organizers in the comments.

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