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How to Organize a Garage Like a Pro

organize a garage

Learning how to organize a garage can seem like a daunting task; after all, you have to sort through years of dusty clutter and figure out how to store things neatly in a relatively small space. But although it might take a bit of effort, learning how to organize a garage is absolutely essential if you want more space for your tools, equipment, and of course, your car!

Here are 8 tips for successful garage organization.

1. Get rid of anything you don’t need

The first step in garage organization is getting rid of everything that your family doesn’t want anymore. An easy way to accomplish this is to set out three piles: One for things to toss, one for donations and one for things to keep. If you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of old items lying around your garage that your family hasn’t touched in years. For instance, if your kids are all grown up, it might be a good idea to donate those baby bikes!

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2. Develop a floor plan

After you’ve discarded everything you don’t need, you’ll have a lot more free space to work with. In order to remodel a garage, it’s important to draft a floor plan, especially if you’re going to make some big changes. You’ll want to clearly map exactly where each bin, shelf and rack is going to be, as well as the dimensions for each section. This is especially important if you’re building your storage units and other furniture yourself; you don’t want to go through the work of building something to find out that it’s too big for the space!

3. Categorize everything

A common rule of thumb for do it yourself garage organization is to make sure you separate your different tools and items into categories. For example, you’ll want to have one corner carved out for gardening tools, one section for automotive gear, sports equipment, seasonal storage, etc. This will make it much easier for you (and your family) to find things faster and keep the space clean.

4. Choose the right bin

Part of learning how to organize a garage means making sure you know exactly what size bin or container to buy when planning your storage. You don’t want to buy 10 bins only to find out they don’t actually fit any of your equipment! Also, make sure your bins are made of a sturdy material and the tops are well-fitted; otherwise, if you store your items in a flimsier material, like cardboard, you risk bugs or pests sneaking in.

organize a garage

5. Aim high – take advantage of vertical space

When planning your garage organization, it’s always important to think about how to best use vertical space. Since most garages aren’t very large, you’ll want to take advantage of storage towers and other vertical storage units to keep your goods.
Your ceiling is another great asset for storage. Seasonal sports gear, like fishing rods, surfboards or snowboards, and bicycles are great for keeping up top. Just make sure your hooks or shelves are fastened properly!

6. How to organize a garage wall

No do it yourself garage remodeling would be complete without a place to hang your favorite tools. A slat wall can be a convenient place to store small baskets of accessories and larger items like shovels and rakes. Although they’re a little less picturesque, pegboards are another great way to hang your tools on the wall; if you want your tool collection to be portable, you can even build a pegboard shelf on wheels.

7. Keep it clean

A big part of learning how to organize a garage is consistently maintaining a clean space. It may sound simple, but one of the most important tips to follow after you remodel your garage is to leave things off the floor. One or two stray items can quickly add up to a big pile of clutter. Remember to make sure every item in your garage has a designated spot on the shelf or the wall, and you’ll find it a lot easier to keep your space organized.

8. Stick to a schedule

And finally, make sure you maintain a consistent organization schedule. Every season or twice a year, you should spend a full day tidying up your garage space and making sure everything is in its proper place. Although organizing your garage might seem like a big task, it will save you time and energy in the long run!

Do you have a useful tip on how to organize a garage? Don’t keep it a secret – share it with us in the comments!

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One Thought on “How to Organize a Garage Like a Pro

  1. I use vertical 24 pocket clear shoe organizers to hold bottles and spray cans.
    Easy to see…no more hunting behind front row shelf items to find the item you want.

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