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Funny Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

halloween costume

Spooky season is in full swing, and it’s time to decide what you and the little ones will be wearing to trick-or-treat, trunk-or-treat or the local Halloween bash. While it’s fun to be scary, some of the best costumes are the ones that make your friends and neighbors laugh. These wacky, weird and funny costumes from Amazon are sure to add a chuckle to your Halloween.

Funny Halloween Costumes for Kids

halloween costume

Inflatable Costume Tube Dancer

This Spooktacular Creations Inflatable Costume Tube Dancer will turn your kid into a wacky, waving inflatable tube man! The tube man has left the car dealership and is out on the town for trick-or-treat. And with enough sugar, they’ll be waving like there’s no tomorrow. This inflatable costume comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Buy it here.

halloween costume

Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Do you have a little dino-wrangler at home? The TOLOCO Inflatable Dinosaur Costume will make your kid look like they’re riding on the back of their very own dinosaur. This comfortable, inflatable costume is perfect for a full day of Halloween activities. Buy it here.

halloween costume

Woopie” Cushion Costume

Little pranksters everywhere will love this “woopie” cushion costume. With this costume, everyone is in on the joke. The costume slips over regular clothes like a tunic, so it can easily be worn with warm clothes for chilly Halloween nights. Buy it here.

halloween costume

Jet Pack Kids Inflatable Costume

Ready for blast-off? The Morph Costumes Jet Pack Inflatable Costume will make your little one look like they’re on their way to the stratosphere. The dangling, inflatable legs make the wearer look weightless in their very own jet pack. Buy it here.

funny halloween costumes

AAA Fleet Driver

Dress up as your favorite hero! Shop our Amazon storefront to complete the look.

funny halloween costume

Mini Hot Dog Costume

Hot dog! Big kids aren’t the only ones who get to dress up for Halloween. Your little one will look scrumptious in this Suit Yourself Mini Hot Dog Halloween Costume for Babies. The hood is an adorable touch – and practical for chilly Halloween nights. Buy it here.

halloween costume

Baby/Toddler Avocado Costume

Available in sizes from 6 to 24 months, it’s this soft and warm avocado costume has a zipper closure that makes diaper changes easy. Plus, a fuzzy little brown belly. Buy it here.

Funny Halloween Costumes for Pets

dog costume

Lion Mane Costume for Cats

Let your kitten roar with this OMG Adorables Lion Mane Costume for Cats. This plush costume is a simple way to channel your cat’s inner lion and make them the “mane” event of the Halloween party. It also fits small dogs! Buy it here.

dog costume

Shark Costume for Dogs or Cats

Watch out, there’s another ferocious beast at the party! This fleece hoodie will turn your pet into a shark. With a variety of sizes to choose from, this costume can fit both cats and dogs. With a four-button closure, it’s easy to put on and take off at the end of the night. Buy it here.

dog costume

Furry Giant Spider Costume for Dogs or Cats

Looking for something a little creepier? This giant spider costume might just send shivers up your spine. The eight fuzzy legs will make your pet the biggest spider you’ve ever seen! Its velcro attachments make it super easy to put on, adjust and remove. When your pet starts walking and the legs start jiggling, you might just want to run for cover. Buy it here.

dog costume

Bat Wings for Cats

Behold, another creature of the night! These simple bat wings are just right for your mysterious kitty companions. It looks especially good on black cats, as the wings blend seamlessly into their silhouette. The durable felt wings come in three different sizes, and can also fit smaller dogs. Buy it here.

dog costume

Stitch Dog Hoodie

Whether your dog is a little troublemaker, the heart of your ‘ohana or both, this Stitch dog hoodie is the perfect funny pet costume for fans of the loveable creature from the Disney movie “Lilo & Stich.” The soft hoodie is warm and comfortable for your dog, and comes in a wide range of sizes. Your little one can even dress as Lilo to match! Buy it here.

dog costume

POPETPOP Hot Dog Pet Costume

Dress your little hot dog as a little hot dog with the POPETPOP Hot Dog Pet Costume. While this costume can fit both cats and dogs, it’s an obvious choice for canines. This cute pet costume will make your dog look scrumptious. Buy it here.

dog costume

Mogoko Dog or Cat Halloween Pumpkin Costume

Nothing beats the classics, and perhaps the best cute pet costume is dressing your pet up as a little pumpkin. The Mogoko Dog or Cat Halloween Pumpkin Costume is an adorable jack-o-lantern hoodie that can fit both cats and dogs. Plop them down in a pumpkin patch and you’ve got a an adorable Halloween photo-op. The button closures make it easy to put on and take off, and the warm material makes it a comfortable costume for any pet. Buy it here.

Funny Halloween Costumes for Grownups

halloween costume

Adult Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume

Do you and your beau go together like peanut butter and jelly? These Fun World Peanut Butter and Jelly Costumes are a great couples costume. Just make sure that you don’t get separated – everyone will be asking for your other half! Buy it here.

halloween costume

Mona Lisa Costume Kit

If you’re a work of art, there’s no better costume than the California Costumes Store Mona Lisa Costume Kit. You’re not dressing up as Mona Lisa herself – you’re dressing up as the painting! Just bring a paintbrush for friends to hold, and this hilarious costume turns into an even funnier photo-op. Buy it here.

funny halloween costume

Pickle Costume

If choosing a funny Halloween costume has you in a pickle, why not be a pickle? This Tipsy Elves Funny Green Food Halloween Pickle Costume is a pretty big dill. Buy it here.

halloween costume

Inflatable Costume Riding an Ostrich

In this Spooktactular Creations Inflatable Costume Riding an Ostrich, you’ll look like you rode to the Halloween party straight from your day job at an ostrich farm. No ostriches were harmed in the making of this costume. Buy it here.

funny halloween costume

Funny Zookeeper

This Tipsy Elves Funny Zookeeper Halloween Costume doubles as a boa constrictor puppet! Slip your arm inside the boa constrictor’s neck and transform yourself into a zookeeper on one of their worst shifts ever. Buy it here.

funny halloween

Adult Rock, Paper, Scissors Costume

These Fun World Rock, Paper, Scissors Costumes are the right choice for a group of three who just can’t decide what to be this Halloween. You might have to play a quick game to pick who wears what, though. Buy it here.


“This Is My Halloween Costume” T-Shirt

Sometimes the best costume is no costume at all. If you’re not really into Halloween costumes, opt for this quirky t-shirt instead. You can be part of the fun and stay comfortable at the same time. Buy it here.

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What’s the funniest Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? Would you wear any of the costumes on this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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