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Garage Storage for Real Families: Tools to Help You Get Organized

garage storage

We all dread it – the yearly (or not-so-yearly) garage cleaning. Not to worry. When you finally get the ambition – or the junk pile has finally reached its limit – we’ve got a few garage storage ideas that can keep you organized with just a few simple tweaks and changes.

Getting Started 

Take everything out of the garage and sort it into groups:

1. Keep

2. Donate

3. Sell

4. Trash/Recycle

Then, sweep the floor and start to put your garage storage solutions in place. The rule of thumb is to keep items off the floor as much as possible using vertical storage, cabinets, shelving, hooks and stackable storage bins. Plastic, glass or metal containers should replace cardboard and paper whenever possible to ward off critters. For more direction, read our tips on how to organize your garage like a pro.

Ready? Let’s get organizing!

garage cleaning

Wall Control Metal Pegboard Organizer Kit

Save space and keep all your tools in place with the Wall Control Metal Pegboard Organizer Utility Tool Storage and Garage Pegboard Organizer Kit. Very durable with a high-quality metallic galvanized finish. Easy to install, mounting hardware is included, pegs and hooks attach securely, and the whole set works with many types of tools. Also accepts magnets.Be sure to wear gloves when handling as the edges are sharp. Made in USA; built to last a lifetime. Available in six color/accessory combinations. Buy it here.

Tip: Trace the outline of your tools with magic marker on the pegboard to remember where they go.

garage cleaning

Monkey Bar Storage Yard Tool Rack

The Monkey Bar Storage Yard Tool Rack holds up to 200 pounds of yard tools (i.e. 12 to 20 tools, like rakes, shovels, garden tools, wheelbarrows, hedge clippers, etc.), keeping them off the floor, dry and ready for use. Comes with hooks that slide easily into place on the bar so you can space them out as you prefer. Comes in two sizes. Buy it here.

garage cleaning

Paylesshere Wire Shelving Unit Garage Storage Shelves

Easy to assemble with no tools required, these attractive Paylesshere Wire Shelving Unit Garage Storage Shelves are the perfect way to get frequently used items off the floor yet still organized and instantly accessible. Each shelf is adjustable by height in 1-inch increments. Maximum weight per shelf is 350 pounds. Roll it to its ideal spot or back and forth when you need to sweep underneath. Buy it here.

garage cleaning

Muscle RackWire Corner Shelving Unit

Make use of an otherwise empty corner of your garage with the Muscle Rack Wire Corner Shelving Unit. This clever unit has five shelves and can hold your extra spray paint cans, boxes of nails and screws, automotive or cleaning supplies, bubbles and sidewalk chalk and other odds and ends. Comes in packs of one to four, in case you want one for each corner. Buy it here.

garage cleaning

Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE Tote Storage Bin With Lid

Tuck your sports gear, assorted gadgets and any type of clutter away in this Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE Tote Storage Bin with Lid, 14-Gallon. Heavy-duty and durable with ergonomically-designed handles and a tight-fitting lid. Highly stackable for best use of space on shelving or otherwise. Comes in two sizes (14 or 20 gallon) and two colors (gray or white). Buy it here.

garage cleaning

DYMO COLORPOP Color Label Maker

You can let the kids help with this part! Keep your boxes and bins in order with homemade labels. The DYMO COLORPOP Color Label Maker is comfortably handheld and lightweight with over 20 fonts and 150 fun emojis to choose from. Requires six AAA batteries or an AC adapter. Comes with one label tape (white on blue glitter). Seven label color combos available. Buy it here.

garage cleaning

Mason Canning Jars

Some artsy organizers are storing their old paint in Mason jars instead of bulky cans to save space.  It’s perfect because they seal up tight and you can instantly see which color is in each.  Just label these Mason Jars with the date and where you originally used it for easy touch-ups later. Line them up in flower boxes or stack them on shelves for optimal storage. Use any extras for stray nails, screws, buttons, coins, etc. Comes in packs of 15. Buy it here.

These look perfect with chalkboard sticker labels. Try these Chalkboard Labels with Erasable Chalk Pens.

garage cleaning

Saris Cycle Glide

Don’t forget to use the ceiling for storage whenever you can! The Saris Cycle Glide stores up to four bikes overhead. Free up more floor space and stop getting dings and dents when the car pulls in too close. Made with non-rusting materials and a patented design that offers individual access to each bike no matter what order they’re stored. Comes with a one-year warranty. Buy it here.

garage cleaning

Racor Ceiling Storage Heavy Lift 

Use up the ceiling space next to the bikes with the Racor Ceiling Storage Heavy Lift. Stash up to 250 pounds above you, creating even more free usable floor space. With its 4 foot by 4 foot design, this sturdy steel lift mounts to any ceiling, even angled, with adjustable nylon rings. Easily raise and lower it as needed with a hand crank or your power drill. Expert setup is available for a fee. Buy it here.

garage cleaning

Multi Colored Duct Tape Variety Pack

Make sure everything stays organized when you outline their designated spaces on the garage floor with colored tape. Create a parking lot for the kids’ big wheels and tricycles, or just keep boxes, recycling barrels and trash cans in their proper spaces with a Multi-Colored Duct Tape Variety Pack. Use leftover tape to color code moving/storage boxes or other supplies. Comes with 12 Colors. Buy it here.

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Will you use some of our garage storage suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!


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