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AAA Employee Gives Heart and Home to Women in Need


AAA employee Tiffany Edouard is a DIY home decorating enthusiast, charity supporter and a longtime volunteer in the community.

So when she heard about Help Her Home from a friend, it immediately sparked her interest. The organization designs and furnishes places where women can find peace and happiness after hardships such as homelessness and domestic violence.

“I’m always changing things and getting rid of things, so I asked if I could donate some of it,” said Edouard, a senior paralegal at AAA.

She also requested and received a $5,000 donation from AAA.

Volunteer Effort

For Women’s History Month in March, Edouard helped with the labor, using extra paid time off AAA  employees get for volunteering in the community. She worked at a safe house for women with the organization’s founder, Kendra Morales. They put together a private bedroom for a mother with three children. Other families occupy three additional bedrooms, and they all share the kitchen, which is part of a common area.

Tiffany Edouard

“Kendra told me AAA’s donation is allowing her to do that entire safe house,” Edouard said. “This really came full circle. I learned about the organization, then I joined the committee. I asked for a donation on their behalf, and they received it; then I actually saw the money being used.”

Edouard has been a volunteer in the community since a very early age. She gives her time and effort at hospitals, food banks and soup kitchens, just to name a few. This experience was different.

“It was touchable and attainable,” she said. “I could picture the people living in the space. When I was building a wardrobe, I was thinking about hanging little-kid-size hangers. It made me feel good that they would know it was specifically for them.”

For more about AAA efforts in the community, click here.


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