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Shop and Cook: A Spooky Halloween Treat

shop and cook: zombie dirt cups - spooky halloween treat

It’s finally spooky season, and what better way to celebrate than with a Halloween treat that chills to the bone? Or at least one that chills in the fridge.

These awesomely easy dirt cups are a throwback to childhood memories of a ’90s fall, when things were nostalgically simple – including the desserts. These zombie-themed dirt cups are a cinch to assemble and forever a crowd pleaser among kids and kids at heart.


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Getting ingredients for your dirt cups will only take a few minutes. There’s really not much to them, which is part of what makes them so great. To make six to eight dirt cups, you’ll need to grab one 22-ounce container of chocolate pudding (or one box of instant), one 10oz container of your preferred whipped topping, a box of chocolate sandwich cookies, a box of graham crackers and, of course, gummy worms.

To decorate the top of our dirt cups we decided on a zombie theme, which included gravestones, candy bones, plastic spider rings, candy zombie hands and shovel spoons – all of which you can find in our shopping list below.

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Your first step towards spooky goodness entails hand mixing your chocolate pudding and whipped topping in a medium bowl. Pro tip: Waiting for the whipped topping to defrost and soften before mixing makes it a lot easier to combine.

Next, transfer the chocolate sandwich cookies into a gallon-size zip-close plastic bag. Use a rolling pin or kitchen mallet to crush the cookies into a gravel-like texture – not as small as crumbs, but no large chunks. Repeat in a separate plastic bag with two packets of graham crackers. These can be crumbed to a sand texture.

Now that everything’s prepped, you can begin to assemble. Scoop about 3 tablespoons of the pudding and whip mixture onto the bottom of your cups, then sprinkle on cookie crumbles followed by the graham crackers. Place your desired number of gummy worms next (we did three for good measure), then repeat the pattern over again until you reach the top of your cup and finish with cookie crumbles. Once it resembles mud, dirt and sand, you’ve done it!

Now comes the most fun part: decorating your dirt cups with zombie accessories. We added gravestones at the top of each cup, followed by a smattering of candy bones and then arranged the candy zombie hands so they looked to be emerging from the depths. Tack on a spider ring to each, and there you have it – a spooky Halloween treat that’s simply to die for.

Watch how everything comes together by pressing play below.

Are these dirt cups bringing back memories for you like they did for us? Tell us your favorite spooky Halloween treat in the comments.


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