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Spend a Moment at … Pistachio Cafe

spend a moment at pistachio cafe

Pistachio Cafe

911 Whalley Avenue, New Haven, Conn.

1245 Chapel Street, New Haven, Conn.

Modeled after owner Mohamad Hafez’s vision of a typical Syrian domicile, Pistachio Cafe has a way of making you feel right at home within its architecturally dazzling space. The scent of espresso and sweets waft through the space filled with unexpected but delightful decor – most notably, the wall of vintage radios adorning the entrance.

The laptop-free cafe encourages connection between its guests, and in doing so, offers a more grounded environment to enjoy their plethora of menu offerings. Sit down for brunch or lunch to savor everything from paninis, croissants, wraps, quiches, tartines, waffles and more. Coming with a group? Their platters have more than enough for everyone. Choose from the Syrian Home Breakfast (served with fava beans, Syrian olives, hummus, pita, rose jam and halloumi cheese to name a few) or the Mezze Platter (bread, hummus, pickles, artichoke hearts, grape leaves and more).

Ready for coffee and dessert? We are, always. And Pistachio has it all. Most famously, their baklava selection is the biggest in New Haven, but the choices don’t stop there. Feasting your eyes upon the dessert window, you’ll find multiple kinds of cake and pie, coppa (mini dessert cups), knafeh, hareeseh, Turkish Delights, macarons, cupcakes, truffles … the list goes on.

Our recommendation: The rose waffles were simply divine, and paired with a pistachio latte you’ll have the perfect flavor combination.

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