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Find Bike Trails and Paths Near You

Find Bike Trails Near You

Improving your fitness doesn’t mean you have to pay for memberships to gyms or recreation centers. Simply find bike trails near you, head outside and get moving – for free!

Biking is a great outdoor workout. It’s good cardio and low-impact, making it the perfect activity for people of all ages, all while being eco-friendly and fun. Whether you prefer scenic views, family-friendly trails or a bit of a challenge, there are a wide variety of paved, dirt and off-road biking trails across the Northeast.

When you head out this season, make sure you have the right type of bike for you, and remember to stay safe by wearing a helmet and following the rules of the road. AAA members can rest assured knowing AAA Northeast offers 24-hour roadside assistance for your bike, too!


Farmington Canal Heritage Trail

Explore southern Connecticut and the Farmington Valley via paved pathways and enjoy scenic views with this trail. Also referred to as the FCHT, this 58-mile trail is suited for biking, walking, hiking and in-line skating.

Air Line State Park Trail

This stone dust trail stretches from East Hampton to Putnum, following old rail beds. Walk, hike, bike or ride a horse to enjoy this secluded trail.

Litchfield Double Loop

For something a bit more challenging, this trail spans over 35 miles and has several hilly sections. Follow a loop around Bantam Lake and take in the views of forests and farmlands.

Find more bike trails in Connecticut.

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New Hampshire

Cotton Valley Rail Trail

This 12-mile trail will bring you from Wolfeboro to Wakefield. Take in New Hampshire’s gorgeous Lakes Region as you pass Lake Winnipesaukee, Crescent Lake and Lake Wentworth.

Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge Trails

Including the Pondicherry Rail Trail and the Presidential Rail Trail, this route is nearly nine miles in length. Easy to moderate in terms of difficulty, this scenic trail passes Cherry Pond and two marches with beautiful mountains as your background.

Northern Rail Trail

A 48-mile trail that’s still expanding, these paths are made of cinder and crushed stone, making it suitable for mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding. The scenery is beautiful year-round.

Franconia Notch Bike Path

Almost nine miles in length, this trail is perfect for walking and cycling, but roller blades and skateboards are not permitted.

Find more bike trails in New Hampshire.


Ashuwillticook Rail Trail

Just under 13 miles in length, this 10-foot-wide trail is paved and open from dawn to dusk. Biking, roller blading and running are all welcomed activities.

Charles River Bike Path

Located in the Boston, Mass. area, this multi-use trail is open from sunrise to sunset. Travel the nearly 23-mile-long trail while taking in scenic views.

Cape Cod Rail Trail

Open from sunrise to sunset, this 25-mile trail will take you through six Cape Cod towns. Its paved pathway is perfect for walking, running and biking.

Find more bike trails in Massachusetts.

New Jersey

Elephant Swamp Trail

This one-way, 6-mile trail is open from sunrise to sunset. The trail surface is made of crushed stone, dirt, gravel and woodchips, making it suitable for walking and mountain biking.

Henry Hudson Drive

This scenic 7-mile roadway follows the Hudson River, taking you through part of Palisades Interstate Park. Take caution, as this drive is open to both cars and bicycles. It is open during daylight hours only.

Cape May Shoreline Ride

For beautiful costal views, travel along this trail that’s 42 miles roundtrip. You’ll see lighthouses, wildlife and more as you loop around the bottom peninsula of New Jersey.

Find more bike trails in New Jersey.

find bike trails near you

New York

The Harlem Valley Rail Trail  

Including two sections totaling 26 miles – only 10 miles of which are paved – this trail is open from dawn to dusk. Some parts of the trail are still in development.

Putnam Trailway

This trail is 12 miles in length and makes its way through Putnam County, spanning from Baldwin Place to Brewster Village.

The Erie Canalway Trail

Stretching from Albany to Buffalo, this nearly 400-mile trail can be explored region-by-region. The trails are mostly made of stone dust and gravel, but some sections are paved or natural surfaces.

Find more bike trails in New York.

Rhode Island

Blackstone River Bikeway

Cycle 24 miles of paved pathway to explore the Blackstone Valley. This trail also connects to East Bay Bike Path, and there are hopes to expand it to 48 miles in length.

East Bay Bicycle Path

Spanning Bristol and Providence, this 14.3-mile path is great for biking, walking and inline skating. As you travel this trail along the Narragansett Bay coastline, keep your eyes open for maritime views and coastal wildlife.

Washington Secondary Bike Path

This asphalt rail trail spans 19 miles from Kent to Providence. Walking, biking and in-like skating are all welcome.

Find more bike trails in Rhode Island.

What are your favorite bike trails? Tell us in the comments.


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