Hanukkah Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Whether you're giving eight small gifts for each night of Hanukkah or one gift for the whole celebration, you have plenty of options.

The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah is often celebrated with traditions like lighting the menorah, eating latkes and exchanging gifts. Some give small gifts for each of the holiday’s eight nights or one gift for the whole celebration, but at the end of the day, it’s about celebrating miracles – both big and small – and spending time with friends and family.

The Jewish Festival of Lights begins Nov. 28 this year. To get you started, here are some of our favorite Hanukkah gift ideas.

pet pillow

Personalized Pet Pillow

Hanukkah is a time to celebrate and remember all family members, including the furry ones. This soft, machine-washable pillow is the perfect gift for family and friends who are close with their pets. It can serve as a reminder of a pet who has passed on, or just a cuddly copy of a current pet. You can never go wrong with this adorable pet memento that’s sure to put a smile on the face of any pet lover. Buy it here.

echo dot

Echo Dot

This hands-free device will allow you to connect with others, listen to the latest music and utilize the latest voice control technology. The newest version of the Echo Dot has a revamped circular design and a premium speaker. Buy it here.

Numi Organic Tea By Mood

This set of Numi Organic Tea Blends will give the tea lover in your life new flavors to explore. These individually wrapped tea bags will ensure your tea is fresh and flavorful every time. With flavors like Rooibos chai and chamomile lemon to match your mood, this thoughtful gift is sure to help anyone wind down and relax. Buy it here.

Osmo Kids Creative Starter Kit for iPad

If you’re looking for a Hanukkah gift for kids ages 5-10, the Osmo Creative Starter Kit makes it fun to learn, using toys as teaching tools. Once it’s hooked up to an iPad, Mo the friendly Monster interacts with kids through three games designed to develop cognitive abilities, drawing skills and a drive to learn. Buy it here.

Holiday Savings Guide

Get inspired with great gift ideas, and even better savings. Happy shopping!

Get Inspired

Dreidel Filled With Gelt Coins

During Hanukkah, it’s customary to give gelt or chocolate money to children to teach them about the importance of charity. Around the world, many Jewish families have a Hanukkah tradition of playing with the dreidel. While you may need to buy more gelt for a larger game of dreidel, this dreidel filled with gelt coins is a fun starting point for children. Buy it here.


Kids can create their own custom dreidels with this Craft-A-Dreidel kit! These blank wooden dreidels come with paints, a paintbrush and glitter. It’s up to you to add the Hebrew letters and your own unique design! It’s a great Hanukkah activity for all ages. Buy it here.

Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit – Mini Bonsai Plant Growing Kit

If you know someone who has a green thumb or wants to get into gardening for the first time, this Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit is the perfect gift. This kit comes with four types of bonsai seeds, four soil potting pods, four bonsai pots, tools for planting, a how-to guide and a set of plant markers. Buy it here.

One Line A Day Book

This unique and meaningful gift will be appreciated by those who enjoy journaling or have always wanted to start. With up to five years of pages to fill, this beautiful diary will inspire thoughtful, daily reflections that the author can look back on for years to come. Buy it here.

Movie Scratch Off Poster

What’s on your bucket list of must-watch movies? To help you get started, this interactive poster features 100 award-winning films, from “Dirty Dancing” to “Star Wars,” for you to scratch off. Scratch off a movie once you’ve seen it and see how many you can watch next year! Buy it here.

What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme? is the ultimate party game for friends, families with older kids (rated 17+) or anyone who lives on the internet. Compete to create the funniest memes using captions and photo cards. Even if you’re not familiar with memes, it’s one of the funniest card games you’ll play. Buy it here.

trtl Travel Pillow

Do you know someone who loves to travel? They probably need a good travel pillow. The trtl Travel Pillow wraps around your neck like a scarf to to keep your head in a better position when sleeping upright. Whether you’re in a car, plane or train, the super soft material and gentle cushioning forms a comfortable resting place for your head and neck. Buy it here.

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How are you celebrating Hanukkah this year? What sort of gifts are you getting? Let us know in the comments below.


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