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Different Home Lighting Options

home lighting

Home lighting is an essential aspect of our everyday lives that often goes unnoticed. However, the type of light fixtures you choose can often have a huge impact on the atmosphere of your interior. With so many different choices to pick from, it’s a good idea to know about the different options available.

The 3 types of home lighting

When we think of a light bulb, the classic incandescent bulb usually comes to mind. To this day, incandescent bulbs are still the most popular type of home lighting. Unfortunately, they come at a cost; the typical incandescent bulb wastes energy in the form of heat and it’s not the best option for your energy bill or for the environment. Halogen bulbs, though they look similar to incandescent bulbs, save around 30% more energy. Fluorescent and LED lights, however, are the most energy efficient by far. These new types of lights are being implemented in more and more homes, and with time they will begin to replace most incandescent bulbs.

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What you need to know about fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent lamps (CFLs) have a wide range of benefits: their lifespan can be up to ten times longer than that of a typical lightbulb, the light is of a higher quality, and considering the energy output it comes at a much lower cost. Still, some consumers claim to dislike the “artificial” color emitted by fluorescent light. Although CFLs in general look less “natural,” the color and temperature of the bulb differs depending on the model. You can easily find fluorescent light bulbs that have a softer and more natural light.

What you need to know about LED lighting

LED lamps are the newest lighting option of the three. However, LED technology is still developing, so performance varies depending on the product. They also tend to be more expensive than CFLs or incandescent bulbs. LEDs work great for certain home lighting fixtures, especially to provide a unique accent to your kitchen or bathroom, and the technology will continue to become more prevalent over time.

home lighting
Lighting can make a significant impact setting the mood.

How your home lighting sets the mood

Lighting plays a strong role in establishing different moods and provoking certain emotions. For instance, softer, warmer lights suggest comfort and rest, while brighter, cooler lighting suggests clarity and focus. In general, while light in the bedroom should be more relaxed, light in your workspace, kitchen or garage should be stronger.

And depending on the room, you might want to invest in a dimmer. It’s also a great idea to have a dimmer in the living room or entertainment room; you’ll generally want stronger lighting for a family discussion, but softer lighting for movies or games.

How to choose the perfect light fixtures for your home

The home lighting fixtures you choose for each room are just as important as the color and temperature of the bulb. You want to be sure your lamps and fixtures match the décor of the rest of the room. A chandelier is a good option for the dining room or living room, and can look either extravagant or modern. Large hanging pendants made of brass or other metals bring a sleek, industrial look and look great in many kitchens.

Dome-shaped shades are a subtle accent and look nice in most rooms. Box lamps can work well depending on the furniture and décor in the rest of the room. The same goes for lantern fixtures or anything with a very rustic look. You’ll want to make sure your room has the same vibe before you start hanging any oil-lantern style lamps!

Essential home lighting styles

Of course, beyond the look of the fixture itself, you want to be certain what kind of lighting you want for each room. Common lighting styles include ambient, accent and task lighting. These are oftentimes used in combination with each other to achieve the desired effect.

Ambient lighting provides a subtle glow to a room and is usually achieved using a sconce or paper lantern; this kind is great for relaxed areas like the bedroom or dining room. Accent lighting is directional lighting used to emphasize a particular part of the room, like a shaded table lamp. Finally, task lighting is focused, clear light that’s perfect to assist in daily tasks like cooking or putting on makeup.

Home lighting and interior design

All of these factors are essential when choosing your home lighting options. Your choice of bulb temperature, décor and style can make or break your interior design, so it’s a good idea to experiment with different lighting options for each room. And in case anything goes wrong and your lights or interior are damaged, be sure to sign up for AAA Homeowner’s Insurance.

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