DIY Paint Decorating Ideas

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Feel like your home could use a makeover? Color is the perfect way to add more character to any space. Ever better, a crisp paint job can give your home a fresh feel without breaking the bank or taking up too much time. So before you go gutting the place or buying new furniture, check out our list of fun DIY paint decorating ideas.

Sponge it up

For those of you who love the colors already on your walls, sponge painting is a great way to spice up the interior without getting rid of your already awesome color scheme. Use a paint roller and lay down your favorite color as the base. Then, use a natural sea sponge for the accent color. To keep the room bright and airy, be sure to use the lighter color on top.

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The textured, cloud-like finish is both bold and beautiful. You can sponge paint the entire room, or pick a single wall and make it the focal point. Check out these DIY Tips for a Beautifully Sponge Painted Room or visit Home Depot’s guide to sponge painting.

Feeling inspired? Take your sponge paint decorating ideas to the next level and try an ombre finish.

diy paint decorating
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Get interactive

While it’s not the brightest, chalkboard paint is a lot of fun for everyone – and useful too! Paint some in your child’s bedroom, add a small bucket of colored chalk, and watch his or her imagination take shape across the walls. Or use chalkboard paint in rooms like the kitchen, mudroom and office to have a space for memos and reminders.

You can coat an entire wall or use masking tape to section off small squares. Either way, chalkboard paint takes writing on the walls to a whole new level. This wall painting project is simple to do and the results are so rewarding.

Click here for steps and chalkboard DIY paint decorating ideas and inspiration.

It’s mathematical

If you have a knack for precision and a bit of patience, adding unique shapes and angles to your walls might be easier than you think. To create a geometric feature wall, you’ll need some FrogTape or masking tape, a ruler, a paintbrush, a paint roller and some creativity!

From triangles to hexagons, which will create an awesome honeycomb look, your geometric wall can feature any shapes you want, any size you want them. Just pick a color scheme. And before putting a brush to your walls, be sure to sketch a layout on paper. The finished product is bold, colorful and a great focal point for any room.

For geometric feature wall basics, check out B&Q’s instructional video. But don’t be afraid to try out more intricate designs! DIY paint decorating ideas can be a little daunting, but this one is well worth the effort.

 Simple lines

Less involved than the geometric feature wall, stripes are an easier paint decorating idea that will bring a pop of color into your space. But you’ll still want a ruler, precision and patience to set up the lines for this DIY wall painting project.

First, think about whether you want the stripes to be horizontal or vertical. Then, use a ruler to set up the width of each stripe. Be sure to leave an even amount of space in between. Use FrogTape or masking tape to mark off your sections. Go for a classic black and white look, or use bright colors, like sky blue and mint green – whatever matches your home and style best! Multiple stripes of varying sizes are an engaging style. And a tri-color wall with three large blocks can be an interesting center point as well. Either way, this design can help highlight the tones in any room.

Check out Sherwin-William’s instructional video for tips on painting stripes. Feeling inspired? Take stripes to the next level and zig-zag your way to a chevron pattern.


There’s nothing like seeing an original piece of art in your home. For those of you lucky enough to be artistic, buy some paint, various paintbrush sizes, and let the blank wall be your canvas. Of course, you’ll still want to do the basics, like fill in cracks and put down primer. But for this paint decorating idea, the rest is up to you! Create a one-of-kind, freestyle pattern. Paint the mountains, the forest or a sunset. Get inspired by a whim or sketch beforehand. The finished mural will bring a unique sense of you to the home.

From furniture and decorations, to wall art and color schemes, a home’s interior says a lot about the owner. What do your home paint decorating ideas say about you?

Let us know about your DIY paint decorating ideas and projects in the comments below!


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