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Making the Most of a Small Living Space

Choosing a small living space is a great idea for some and it can save a lot of money. For those who don’t mind limiting their apartment décor and who aren’t claustrophobic, choosing a less spacious apartment makes a lot of sense. However, without the proper planning and design, a small living space might not be the most comfortable place to spend time in. Here are some small space living ideas for making your small apartment or home more livable and welcoming.

How to divide a small living space

One of the first things to consider is that you’ll want to divide your small living space into different “zones,” with each zone being meant for a specific activity. Think of each zone as a room in a house, but in a studio or other small living space, these “rooms” all fit into one single space. For instance, you’ll probably need one area for bedtime, one area to work, to watch TV, etc. One easy way to designate each zone is to paint the wall in a different color, or use some kind of partitioning like a curtain. These divisions will help make the space seem less cluttered and confusing, and more livable, especially if you plan on having guests over.

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Being flexible with furniture

Since you’re limited with a small living space, sometimes your work desk might also have to double as your dining table. Cube seats are another great idea, as they can act as a seat, but also as a table and potentially for storage if they have an inner compartment. Furniture that transforms to fit your needs is always a good idea. Look for tables that can also fold into small sofas, etc. That way, if you have guests visiting, you can fold out the sofa just like that. Otherwise, furniture for your guests can take up a lot of space.

In the same way, if you can invest in any setup that involves furniture that folds up onto the wall, this can be a useful asset. For instance, if you have a small work desk that’s usually folded, but that you can swing out whenever you need to, this will save you a lot of elbow room. In fact, there’s even companies that produce wall units to store your bed. When you need to sleep, just fold out the bed; in the morning, the bed folds into a drawer on the wall.

How mirrors make your small living space look bigger

Any kind of transparent material or mirror is going to be a major asset for making your space look bigger than it is. Set up mirrors in your kitchen area or along the wall to help the space seem almost double its size. You can also look into transparent glass tables, bookshelves or other furniture to achieve the same kind of effect. In the bathroom, a glass door will also look great on your shower!

Having some flexibility with your furniture can help when taking advantage of a small living space.

Designing your small living space

You’ll want to have a consistent color scheme throughout the entire space. The continuity of the same (or similar) colors will make the room look more spacious in a subtle kind of way. Go for lighter, softer colors like light peach or pastel blue to make your small living space look more expansive. And interestingly, if you want to make your room look taller, you can put wallpaper on the wall or bookshelves in high places. Anything that makes the eye look upward will make the room look more spacious, so use this optical illusion to your advantage!

Space-saving interior design ideas for apartments

Utilizing vertical space is absolutely essential in a small living area. Make sure your bookshelves, cabinets and other storage furniture reach as high up to the ceiling as possible. If you have a partner or other family members that live with you, a bunk bed arrangement is often a typical way to save on precious horizontal space. Another great small space living idea is to have extra storage units built into it different pieces of furniture, from your table to your bed.

Keep your small living space clean

Finally, one of the most important rules for any small living space is to keep it clean. It might seem obvious, but even a little clutter can make a small space seem messy and tight, so maintain a consistent cleaning schedule and limit the apartment décor to just a few items.

With these great tips, you can transform a cramped space into one that looks and feels spacious and comfortable. After you settle down in your small living space, be sure to sign up for AAA’s Renter’s Insurance, which can be a life saver if anything is damaged.

If you have any small space tips of your own, share them with us in the comments below!

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