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AAA Photo Session: Sunsets

photographing sunset

Sunsets are known for being particularly hard to photograph, but when you see a great one it’s hard to stop yourself from at least trying. Inspired by this idea, sunsets are the subject of our first-ever Your AAA Photo Session, a monthly challenge where you can learn new skills and share your pictures with the AAA Northeast community.

August evenings are ideal for picture-perfect sunsets. During these last few weeks of summer, there should be plenty of opportunities to capture the vibrant colors of the sky as the sun retreats below the horizon.

Whether taken in your backyard, on a road trip, on a boat or from the shore of one of the Northeast’s many fantastic beaches – we want to see your best shots.

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How to Photograph Sunsets Like a Pro

Local photographer Kayla Mandeville shares a few pro tips and tricks to help you creatively approach and capture sunsets.

Plan Ahead and Arrive Early

“Before heading out for sunset, you need to plan. It’s helpful to determine your location in advance. Arriving to your location early is important, because it gives you time to set up your equipment and get a feel for the area. My favorite thing to do while waiting for the sun to set is taking advantage of ‘golden hour,’ the light right before sunset.”

Composition Is Key  

“Creatively approach your sunset shots. The horizon does not need to be in the center of every picture. While each sunset is beautiful in its own way, an interesting foreground can take an average photo to the next level. Find a subject to focus on; it can be just about anything – a lighthouse, a seashell – use whatever you have around you.”

It’s All About Perspective

“While out shooting, I’m always trying to find ways to play around with perspective and camera positioning. A simple but often overlooked tip while photographing sunset is to look behind you! The sky opposite of the sunset sometimes is just as interesting as the sunset itself.”

Stick Around After the Sun Goes Down

“In my experience, shortly after the sun sets the sky will occasionally burst into color one last time before fading into night. Before packing up for the night, stick around for a little bit, just in case. If you have a tripod and remote shutter available, this is a great time to experiment with longer exposure times.”

Thank You for Participating!

We received so many beautiful sunset photos from across the Northeast and beyond. Take a look at all of the submissions in the slideshow below and don’t forget to check our social media channels, where we will be featuring some of our favorites.

Stay tuned for the next AAA Photo Session, coming soon!

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