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Instant Print Photo Cameras are Back

instant print photo camera

Formerly replaced by the digital camera revolution, instant print photo cameras are back and better than ever. In the past few years there has been a surge in popularity of all things vintage, from vinyl records to tie-dye, and the nostalgic charm of cameras that print pictures instantly are no exception.

They are great for special occasions, affordable, and for the most part, pretty low-tech. And while some of today’s instant print photo cameras may look a bit different than its predecessors, the idea is still the same, using self-developing film to rapidly produce an image.

There are many different brands and styles to choose from, but what are the best instant print cameras on the market? We’ve rounded up the newest and most popular models to help you choose!

Polaroid One Step+

Polaroid OneStep

A new line of instant cameras with classic Polaroid charm. The Polaroid OneStep+ has everything identical to the original model, except it is equipped with a portrait lens and Bluetooth integration, allowing for different shooting modes and remote shutter control. This camera uses I-Type film, which produces the timeless Polaroid-sized print with white borders. A true step up from the original model, it is an excellent instant photo print camera if you are going for a retro photo look.

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Fujifilm INSTAX Mini, INSTAX Square and INSTAX Wide


Fujifilm’s INSTAX models are some of the most popular instant print photo cameras out there. One of their top performers, the INSTAX Mini is a lot of fun. Its larger plastic body style, vibrant colors and ease of use makes it an excellent choice for both kids and families. The INSTAX Mini looks a bit more whimsical compared to the classic Polaroid, while the Square has a sleeker style. The Wide uses larger film, making it more suitable to use at weddings or other parties where you know you will be taking a lot of group shots. Fujifilm produces a variety of film styles to use with their cameras from black and white to colorful borders.

Canon IVY CLIQ 2

Canon Instant Camera Printer

This instant print photo camera is almost pocket-sized, but don’t be fooled, it still packs a punch! The Canon IVY CLIQ utilizes a new technology called “ZINK” which is short for zero ink. It produces a more traditional borderless image rather than the classic white border, and the ZINK prints double as stickers! One of the most interesting features is that you have the option to store all captured images on a MicroSD card.

Kodak Smile

KODAK Smile Instant Print

This is another sleek pocket-sized instant camera gaining popularity. Its open slide design gives the Kodak Smile a unique look and like many of the other instant print photo cameras on the market, comes in different colors. Like the Canon IVY CLIQ, it has MicroSD storage and zero-pink prints, but it also has an LCD viewfinder display and in-camera photo editing options.

Instant print photo cameras hold a special place in the hearts of many and capture the magic of photography. Whether you are more of a purist and looking for vintage feel or are more interested in a camera with a little more tech, shop around and you will find the best instant print camera for you.

Kayla Mandeville is a Massachusetts-based photographer. Follow her on Instagram @k__elizabeth.

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