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AAA Photo Session: Pets

Pet parents love their furry companions and have the camera rolls to prove it. Whether it’s a fish, puppy, horse or hedgehog, if you’ve got a pet, you likely take a lot of photos of them.

Playing with their favorite toy? Photo. Sleeping belly-up on the couch? Photo. New haircut? Photo. Everything is a photo op when your subject is so darn cute!

We know you love to show off your pets and we are happy to oblige. Submit your best pet photo below and share it with the AAA Northeast community.

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How to Photograph Pets

Pets are not always the easiest to photograph. Despite their model-worthy looks, most haven’t got the whole posing thing down – not without the persuasion of a few treats, at least.

Local photographer Kayla Mandeville shares a few pro tips and tricks to help you snap frame-worthy photos of your best friend.

“Pet photography is a combination of animal, portrait and maybe even a little sports photography, and requires a lot of patience,” she said. “But you don’t have to be a professional to capture memorable photos of your pet.”

pet photo
Loretta Lynn (Kayla Mandeville)

Natural Light

“Using natural light is more aesthetically pleasing and will improve the final image. So, try shooting your pet outdoors or in a well-lit indoor space. When photographing pets, it’s important to avoid using a flash for two reasons. 1) A flash might startle your pet and cause it to be stressed out during the shoot. 2) It could potentially cause red eye, which is not always an easy fix in post-processing.”

Get on Their Level

“Whether that means sitting or lying down on the ground, shooting your pet at their level is a great way to capture more natural and candid shots. Trying different angles provides the opportunity for you to get unique perspectives and close-ups.”

Focus on Your Pet’s Eyes

“In any type of photography, you want to make sure that the eyes are in focus and sharp, as they are an important element in the shot. It is said that ‘eyes are the windows to the soul,’ and in pet photography that also rings true. Capturing their expressions will give more depth to your shot.”

pet photo
Willie Englebert (Kayla Mandeville)

Show off Their Character

“If you want to take your pet photos to the next level, capture your pet in their element! Posed shots are always beautiful, but it’s also great to photograph your pet’s personality. For example, if your pet is hyperactive, try shooting them in action! (Be mindful of your shutter speed.) If you have a pet that’s more on the lazy side, maybe get a picture of them yawning. Our pets are full of quirks and behaviors that make us love them, so capture that!”

The most important tip is to have fun with your pet! If they’re having fun, they’ll be relaxed and more likely to cooperate. That will be reflected in your shots.

Thank You for Participating!

Prepare for cuteness overload!

We received so many adorable photos of your pets. Take a look at all of the submissions in the slideshow and don’t forget to check our social media channels, where will feature some of our favorites.

Check out past AAA Photo Sessions and stay tuned for the next one, coming soon.

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