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AAA Photo Session: Motion

motion photography

Capturing movement on camera can be tricky but there are so many ways you can get creative with it. Once you’ve mastered some basic techniques, motion photography can be used to either freeze or convey a fast-moving moment.

Thank You for Participating!

Browse through all of the photos we received in this motion-themed Photo Session, and don’t forget to check our social media channels, where we will be sharing some of our favorites. Select photos may also be featured in an upcoming issue of Your AAA magazine.

motion photography
(Photo: Beth Mancuso)

Capturing Movement in Photography

If you’ve ever wondered how to capture a busy city street, your kid jumping into a pool mid-cannonball or the constant rush of a waterfall, these tips can help.

What gear do I need?

To effectively capture movement you just need a camera! However, to explore all types of movement you will want to invest in a tripod and some neutral density filters.

Which camera mode should I use?

If you are a seasoned pro, I would use manual mode. If you are just learning you could put your camera into “shutter priority” mode, usually the S or TV mode on your dial.

What subjects should I shoot?

Water is my favorite moving subject but there are all kinds of subjects that show great movement – people, sports, animals, birds and transportation, to name a few.

Types of Motion Photography

motion photgraphy
(Photo: Beth Mancuso)

Freeze Motion

With this method you can produce a still, crisp photo from a moving subject. Take a look at the photo above. The ocean wave looks frozen in time. You can see the tiny water droplets suspended in mid-air. To freeze motion you will need a fast shutter speed. I recommend being above 1/200th of a second and above. For very fast moving subjects like cars or running animals, you will need to be above 1/1000th of a second.

motion photography
(Photo: Beth Mancuso)

Show Motion

To show motion you need a tripod. If it’s a bright day you will also need a neutral density filter. Neutral density filters block light, allowing your camera to achieve slower shutter speeds. In the image above, I used a tripod and a 10 stop neutral density filter to slow down my shutter speed, which was set to 6 seconds.

Please note: To correctly use neutral density filters you will need your camera to be in manual mode.

motion photography
(Photo: Beth Mancuso)

Intentional Camera Movement

Otherwise known as ICM, this is when you intentionally move your camera when you are taking an image. The image above is an example of that. With my shutter speed set to .8 of a second  I intentionally panned my camera quickly to the right. The outcome is a painterly or abstract look. Waves, leaves and rocks are all fun subjects to practice intentional camera movement on.

Check out past AAA Photo Sessions and stay tuned for the next one, coming soon.

Beth Mancuso is a professional landscape and travel photographer.


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15 Thoughts on “AAA Photo Session: Motion

  1. When the date says “December 1” is that the date for submission of a motion photo? I cannot tell if this is still active or in the past. Also I cannot find a form to submit anything. There should be a form next to the current assignment with a statement that says “Submit Photos for (Month) with the theme of (theme). Deadline is (Day).

    1. Hi Jacqueline, this Photo Session has passed. Please stay tuned for the next one coming up in early January. During the submission period, there will be a form right on the page where you can submit your photo. Thank you!

  2. Not sure if you received my photo as the submission page was down, and I haven’t received a confirmation.

  3. Hi. I just submitted a photo but am not sure if it went through based on how the submission page responded to my submission. Also did not get an e-mail confirmation that it was received. Thanks

    1. Hi Rosemary, we did receive your photo and release. Great shot! Visit us again on 12/1 when we will be sharing all the photos. Thank you! -Marisa

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