8 Great Language Learning Apps

Language Learning Apps

It’s never too late to expand your mind – or your vocabulary.

Having trouble finding the time to learn a new language? Whether you want to brush up on your Spanish, pick up a few basic French phrases before heading to Paris or learn Japanese as a hobby, there are heaps of language learning apps available to download that make it easier than ever to learn, wherever and whenever it’s convenient. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top-rated apps to improve your language learning skills.

Babbel (Free download + offers in-app purchases/ iOS and Android)

Founded in 2007, this German-based education platform was one of the world’s first language learning apps. Babbel has millions of active subscribers who can choose from 14 foreign languages to master. The subscription-based app allows you to try the first lesson free and offers a variety of tools and classes personalized to your experience. According to the company, 73% of users indicated that they could have a short, simple conversation in their new language within five hours of using Babbel.

Memrise (Free download + offers in-app purchases/ iOS and Android)

Ranked as one of the top free language learning apps with a community of over 40 million learners, Memrise provides tools and resources for users to focus on memorizing. Unlike most traditional methods, the free mobile and web app offers engaging methods of teaching designed for people of all ages. The user-friendly interface uses visual mnemonics to help users retain information quickly and efficiently. Stop making excuses for why you can’t learn a new language and download Memrise for free.

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Duolingo (Free download + offers in-app purchases/ iOS and Android)

Downloaded by more than 300 million people worldwide, Dualingo has the largest collection of language-learning data accessible to its users. The app offers online instruction in more than 30 languages for free. Share the results of your exercises and tests on social media and challenge your friends to learn. Dualingo also encourages you to train your brain daily by using a reward system and social component.

Khan Academy (Free / iOS and Android)

Get a complete university’s worth of instruction at your fingertips. The award-winning app provides engaging lessons in math, science, economics, history and several other topics for people of all ages. One of the most popular features is Khan Academy Kids, a collection of educational books, song and games designed for young children. Among the over 10,000 videos and explanations are lectures available through YouTube-hosted videos that use visual aids to teach users a wide range of topics.

Busuu (Free download + offers in-app purchases/ iOS and Android)

Busuu has a unique approach to teaching as the app addresses learning each word with basic dialogues and questions, all of which include audio to help you pronounce each term correctly. The app is free but requires an upgrade to the pro version to unlock most of the features, including full courses in 12 languages.

HelloTalk (Free download + offers in-app purchases/ iOS and Android)

Rather than paying a tutor, HelloTalk connects you with people who speak the target language you intend to learn. In return, you help them learn your language. Select your entry level and start chatting with the help of various tools to improve your translation. With so many languages to choose from, you can refine your list of potential tutors by age and location. Learning a new language in the form of a friendly conversation is what sets HelloTalk apart from competitors. Make a new friend and learn a new language. What’s better than that?

Quizlet (Free download + offers in-app purchases/ iOS and Android)

This language app focuses on the approach that everyone learns in different ways. Quizlet provides customizable vocabulary features that allow users to create terms for digital flashcards, games and more. With this method, you can design the ideal language course that works best for you. Even more, you can share the content you create online with classmates, friends, and the general public to help them study.

Lingodeer (Free download + offers in-app purchases/ iOS and Android)

Similar to Duolingo’s teaching methods, Lingodeer first started with Asian languages but has since added other languages such as French, German and Portuguese. Learn each language by practicing the vocabulary with various types of exercises with each class. The app divides every lesson up by category such as family, numbers, food, or casual conversation. While some sections are more comprehensive than others, Lingodeer makes is easy for anyone to get started on their path to learning a new language.

What are your favorite language learning apps? Let us know in the comments below!


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