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Must-Have Apps for College Students

college apps

Having a smartphone as a college student can either be the most helpful thing in the world or the most distracting thing in the world. We’ve gathered a list of must-have apps that’ll make sure your phone is actually helping you.

From studying effectively to managing your time and taking you around town, these are the must-have apps for college students.

Must-Have Apps for Organization

EasyBib for iOS (free) and Android (free) 

With the college experience comes term papers, and term papers need a bibliography page. EasyBib is a handy citation generator that’ll let you email and export bibliographies to yourself that you can easily copy and paste right into your bibliography. All you have to do is enter the book’s title or scan the bar code.

Whether you need MLA, APA or Chicago or any other type of citation, gathering sources for your paper is easy-peasy with this app.

Todoist for iOS (free) and Android (free)

“I need to get my life together this week.” Have you ever said that (or similar) at some point? Download Todoist! With this app, you can schedule deadlines and create sub-tasks and sub-projects so that you can keep track of what needs to get done when. There are also options to color code your tasks and to delegate duties to others for shared projects.

Need to organize a group project, set reminders for yourself for small tasks or just want to feel more productive? Todoist is the ultimate to-do list app.

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Studious for iOS ($1.99) and Android (free)

Have you ever walked into a class, and the professor announces that there’s a midterm? And you had no idea the midterm was even a thing? You’ll definitely need Studious.

Once you insert all the info about your classes, such as the name, time and location, the app will remind you about all assignments and tests. Additionally, there’s a timetable viewer that’s conveniently designed for you to see everything coming up.

Must-Have Apps That’ll Get You Excited About Studying

Wolfram Alpha for iOS ($2.99) and Android ($2.99)

So, what’s the quadratic formula again? Who was Claude Monet? How does temperature affect color? Find the answers to these questions and more using Wolfram Alpha. This app covers a wide range of topics and provides a quick way to get information you need, no matter what you’re studying.

LitCharts for iOS (free) and Android (free)

If you’re one of the lucky ones who get to read a ton of novels during your college career, you’ll definitely be needing LitCharts. Brought to you by the same folks who created SparkNotes, this app features free guides for more than 400 titles that are also accessible offline.

While this app isn’t a complete substitute for reading the actual book, it comes pretty close.

Duolingo for iOS (free) and Android (free)

Taking a foreign language or just want to learn another language? Duolingo can help! It will improve your foreign language speaking, reading, listening and writing through a simple game and answering questions. You can even set goals as to how much you want to learn per day, per week or per month.

college apps

Must-Have Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle

Sworkit for iOS (free) and Android (free)

When there’s so much to do as a college student, making a conscious effort and finding the time to workout often can be hard. That’s where Sworkit comes in. This must-have app lets you choose what kind of workout you want and how long you want the workout.

The minimum suggested time is just five – yes, five! – minutes, so getting a workout in just got easier, making this one of the must-have apps, especially for college students.

Wholesome for iOS (free) 

There’s only so much pizza and cup ramen you can eat in a week. Why not mix it up with Wholesome?

This wholesome app lets you collect healthy recipes from the web and track them as well as give personal recommendations based on your nutritional needs. It also scores recipes out of ten points on healthiness. These scores are to help you compare recipes and make better decisions about what you should eat.

Literal Lifesaving Apps

Circle of 6 for iOS (free) and Android (free)  

If you’re in an unfamiliar part of the city or if campus at night just doesn’t feel right, this app can help you feel and stay safe. Choose up to six trusted contacts that you can reach with a “come and get me” message and a map of your location in case of an emergency or call national or local hotlines in dangerous situations. This app is a fast, discreet and great way to put your safety first.

First Aid by American Red Cross for iOS (free) and Android (free) 

It’s always good to know what to do in case of an emergency. This app by the American Red Cross provides info and step-by-step instructions on how to handle any first aid situation that might come up as well as give health, medical and weather emergency advice. The app is also fully integrated with 9-1-1 so you can call for EMS if an emergency arises.

Sleep if U Can Alarm (Alarmy) for iOS ($1.99) and Android ($1.99)

Need an alarm that forces you to get out of bed? Consider downloading Sleep if U Can Alarm. Voted the “World’s Most Annoying Alarm Clock,” this app makes snoozing impossible. The only ways to shut it off are to take a picture of an area that you choose that isn’t your bedroom, shake the phone or solve a math problem. Yes, really. This is the perfect app for those who can’t help but tap on snooze button in the morning.

Social Apps That Aren’t Social Media

Doodle for iOS (free) and Android (free) 

Scheduling a time to meet with your friends or group project members doesn’t have to be rocket science. Doodle lets you suggest times and dates, and people then take a vote on which time works best for them. Other features include calendar integration, important update push notifications and Doodle Web, where people can also participate through the desktop website.

GroupMe for iOS (free) and Android (free) 

Texting people with different phones than you, whether they’re down the hall or studying abroad, shouldn’t be confusing. GroupMe lets you talk with anyone with an iPhone, Android or any other kind of phone. You can even share content from the Internet, and, yes, that includes memes and GIFs. Other key features include notification control for when you just can’t be distracted and one-on-one direct messaging.

Foursquare City Guide for iOS (free) and Android (free) 

Do you find yourself having absolutely nothing to do on the weekends? Want to make the most of your study abroad trip? Expand your horizons with Foursquare, the go-to entertainment app for college students! This app features reviews by a trusted global community so you can know whether an establishment is worth the visit or not. It also has a list feature that will let you keep track of places you’ve visited and want to visit.

Are there must-have apps for college students that aren’t on this list? Let us know in the comments!


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